Chu Yang tried to empty his mind and sat quietly on the shore. Hide your body in the thick withered grass that has withered, but at this moment, a feeling rises from your heart: the grass above has withered, but the grass below is strong and green.. Besides, it's already a palm high. What does this seem to foreshadow between prosperity and decline? Or What else does it mean? Or. Life? These inspirations and insights, like flies, surrounded him and filled his heart. Chu Yang cross-legged in the grass nest, no breath, he has fallen into a deep level of understanding. In the space of Jiu Jiu Jian, the sword spirit stood with a sense of loss. He seemed to feel something, and he seemed to be losing something. Only he knows what kind of realm Chuyang is now! This has gone beyond the scope of the second section of the Nine Swords, and it can even be said that. Beyond the scope of the Nine Swords, it has become a completely different kind of. Realm. This realm belongs to the universe of heaven and earth. But it doesn't belong to the Nine Heavens! The sword spirit also did not think, Chu Yang unexpectedly has such understanding; or. This time, once the epiphany is successful, the future development potential will be far higher than that of all previous Jiu Jie Jian masters! Tens of thousands of years of the secret of the Nine Swords. Since the birth of Jiu Jie Jian, no one has been able to solve the biggest secret of Jiu Jie Jian! Or most likely.. Untie it on this teenager! It was the first time for Chu Yang to practice his swordsmanship underwater,digital signage kiosk, and he wanted to feel the softness of the water. But what he didn't expect was the softness of water. Is a kind of the power of heaven and earth! Even Belonging to a certain kind of universe.. Field! The realm of water! So when his internal circulation failed, under the pressure of extreme desire to breathe, he suddenly touched a little bit of the mystery of heaven and earth! If he only experienced this one, it would be nothing. But the sudden awakening when he rushed out of the water gave him a feeling of "breaking the void and entering a new world"! This is a complete fault! Naturally, if only these two kinds of feelings, under the guidance of the sword spirit control of the Nine Robbery Sword,smart whiteboard price, it is nothing. But at this time, Chuyang suddenly felt the profound meaning of life of withered and prosperous growth! The transmigration of the profound meaning of life and the first knowledge of the mystery of heaven and earth made Chuyang completely fall into a kind of abstruse chaos. He stayed here quietly, in this state, motionless, breathing completely, after half a day, his body temperature slowly disappeared. Physically, all the signs of life seem to be disappearing, disappearing. Return to silence! Only the dense grass under him grows crazily in the warm climate of spring. In this silent lake, slowly. With bugs, with ants, with moths.. Chu Yang knew nothing about this and seemed to be sleeping. Iron Cloud City! Tie Butian and Wu Qianqian were sitting in the imperial study of the palace, digital whiteboard price ,touch screen digital signage, and what was spread out in front of them was the information that Chu Yang had sent back with the invisible falcon of the royal messenger in Dazhao. In this intelligence, the coverage is extensive, the number of design personnel, the status of the people, as well as the various bases of the incredible. All of them are amazing! What is more surprising is that there is also part of a military agreement with the prairie wolves in northern Xinjiang! Although only a few claws, but combined with the experience of this period of time, no matter from which aspect, all prove that this information is absolutely true! Impeccable! But if you get rid of it all. The movement is too big! This is definitely more than any previous purge of the King of Hell of Chu! Whether it's the military, the government, businessmen, Confucianism, or the major cities.. This is the result of the fifth gentle decade! "What does Your Majesty think?" Wu Qianqian's black robe covers her body, which is light and authentic. The voice was cold, as if the confidential information in front of him was just a pile of waste paper. Without the slightest consideration of.. If these forces are uprooted, I'm afraid people will be involved, no less than one hundred thousand lives! "This information, is the throne of Chu to get, this for our iron cloud, although hurt, but it is a golden opportunity!" "Once and for all," said Tiebutian with a sharp gleam in his eyes. "Mmm." Wu Qianqian said heavily. Not a single one of these people above can be spared! Tie Butian stood up slowly, stood with his hands on his back, frowned, and paced back and forth in the study. "I'd rather kill by mistake than let it go," he said in a deep voice. Wu Qianqian was shocked all over! Better kill by mistake than let go! This sentence has always been the fifth gentle saying, and he really did not expect that it would come out of the mouth of Tie Butian today. I just hope.. This is the end of the turmoil inside the Iron Cloud! Tie Butian's slender fingers lightly touched the list and knocked on the table through the paper, with a thump. So I'm willing to pay.. At any price! Tie Butian's eyes flashed: "Don't say it's only about one hundred thousand, even if it's about one million." Kill them too! "Yes." Wu Qianqian's body trembled. From this sentence, she clearly heard the emperor's feelings of killing the world like Tie Butian! Ruthless! Besides, there are some disobedient people. It is also listed as an important target in this purge. Tie Butian frowned painfully and finally said it sullenly. Your Majesty, this.. Something is wrong. Wu Qianqian was shocked. The so-called disobedient person is not necessarily a spy, but before that, he firmly supported the old emperor. A supporter of the old imperial power; that is.. Those who oppose mending the sky with iron! "What's wrong with it?" Tie Butian turned his back to Wu Qianqian and did not look back. "There's nothing wrong," he sneered! In this world, there may be a lack of knight-errant, a lack of peak masters, a lack of honest officials. But there will never be a shortage of corrupt scholars! "These are the people who, when the country is in danger, are still advocating the art of saints; when rivers of blood are flowing,interactive whiteboard prices, they are still holding high the banner of morality!"! When the people are in dire Straits.. Still singing the praises! When the soldiers died heroically and unyieldingly, they praised their integrity at all costs, but when the country perished.. Be the first to go out and sell yourself! 。