Pang Laodaodao said, "When I got up, I suddenly received an order saying that the Lord of Ximen Castle had come to Luoyang. He ordered my brother to stop and immediately go to Yangzhuang in the south of the city to listen to the order." "So why did your brother come back?" "Before daybreak, I suddenly received an order to order my brother to return here immediately and wait for the order to act!" "Do you know who is the one who gives orders to your brother?" "I don't know." "Your brother has not seen him?" Pang Laodaodao: "Yes." "What does he look like?" Asked Jiang Alang. Pang Laodaodao: "He is wearing a black cloth hood on his head. You can't see his face!" "What about your figure?" Asked Jiang Alang. "He is of moderate height and looks a little fat." Jiang Alang pondered silently for a moment and said, "The purpose of the'Ghost Gate 'kidnapping your brother's family is to coerce your brother to be a killer and work for him. If your brother dies, the hostage will lose the value of kidnapping. Do you think the'Ghost Gate' will release the hostage?" "This.." Kiss of the moon scan kiss of the moon OCR Chapter 19 Liaodong Qixiong Txt + ~ Xiao < Shuo + Tian > Tang Pang Laodaodao: "What does Master Jiang mean?" Jiang Alang said lightly, "If your brother dies, the Ghost Gate may release all the hostages. I want your brother to die once!" Boss Pang blinked his eyes and said, "Does Master Jiang want my brother to fake death?" Jiang Alang nodded and said, "Since I want to keep your brother and not let him continue to be coerced as a killer, I think this should be a more appropriate way for your brother's family. What does your brother think?" Boss Pang said thoughtfully, "What if the'Ghost Gate 'still won't release the hostages?" "If you still don't let go," said Jiang Alang, "I think it will be beneficial and harmless." As he spoke, a figure outside the house flashed, and two men came in one after the other. In front of him was a young man in white of twenty-one or twenty-two years old, with a handsome face, starry eyes,smart interactive whiteboard, and a handsome appearance, dressed as a scholar. He is Chen Feihong, the young master of the Chen family, "the pen of the King of Hell". The latter one, needless to say, is naturally the "Earth Evil Spirit" Ji Kun. As soon as Chen Feihong entered the room,temperature check kiosk, he immediately said to Jiang Alang with a smile, "Brother Jiang, you are really good at wronging people!" Jiang Alang smiled and said, "Brother Chen, how could I really be wronged?" Chen Feihong said, "Since you are a descendant of the old man Changshengfeng, why didn't you tell me when we met last time? I was really worried about you." Jiang Alang laughed and said, "That's because I didn't know you were a disciple of Jin at that time." "How does Big Brother Jiang know now?" "The know-it-all told me." "The old man knows Big Brother Jiang?" "I just met him." "He came to Luoyang, too?" "Now the private residence of the First Silk and Satin Villa, together with the Lord of Ximen Castle!" "Oh!" Chen Feihong glanced at the "Seven Heroes of Liaodong" and said, "No wonder the seven of them didn't attack the'First Silk Village 'last night. It turned out that the Lord of Ximen Castle had also come to Luoyang. The news of the'Ghost Gate' is really well-informed!" Jiang Alang said with a smile, "It's not that the'Ghost Gate 'is well-informed, but that there is a mole in the subordinate group of the Lord of Ximen Fort." Chen Feihong's eyes froze and he said, facial recognization camera ,Interactive digital signage, "Do you already know who the mole is?" Jiang Alang said, "We have already found out some clues, which need to be further confirmed." The voice rose again and asked, "Brother Chen, what are you doing?" Chen Feihong was stunned. He blinked his eyes and said, "Brother Jiang, what's the mystery of my younger brother?" Jiang Alang said, "Since you know the purpose and intention of the'Seven Heroes of Liaodong 'coming to Luoyang, why do you still let them stay here?" Chen Feihong said with a smile, "My younger brother let the seven of them stay here so that he could know the exact time of their attack. My younger brother and Uncle Ji followed them and killed all seven of them." Hearing this, the "Liaodong Qixiong" all shivered in their hearts! Shout secretly "fluky, good danger" unceasingly. "Oh!" Jiang Alang said with a smile, "In that case, Lord Ximen Castle saved seven of his lives." "That's true," said Chen Feihong. Glancing at the "Liaodong Qixiong" again, he suddenly changed the subject and said, "I heard from Uncle Ji that Brother Jiang is going to leave the seven of them to Uncle Ji to take care of, isn't he?" Jiang Alang nodded and said, "What do you think, brother?" As soon as Chen Feihong pondered, "I don't think there's any need to go to such trouble. If Brother Jiang doesn't want to kill seven of them with blood in his hands, he'll waste all their skills and let them go." "Liaodong Qixiong" Wen Yan, his face changed greatly! Jin Laosan suddenly snorted coldly and said, "Chen Feihong, wouldn't it be better if you didn't just kill my seven brothers?" With a flash of cold eyes, Chen Feihong said, "Your seven brothers have been in Liaodong for many years. That one is not bloody. It's not too much to kill you seven." As soon as Jin Laosan opened his eyes steeply, he was about to open his mouth. Boss Pang shouted in a deep voice, "Laosan, you are not allowed to open your mouth. Our brother's life and death are decided by Master Jiang!" Jiang Alang said with a smile, "Brother Chen, it's not too much to kill him because of his past behavior, but it's excusable for them to kill people and work for the" Ghost Gate "this time." Chen Feihong was stunned and looked at Jiang Alang with the color of inquiry in his eyes. With a slight pause in his voice, Jiang Alang added, "His brother couldn't help himself. He was forced to do it." Chen Feihong's eyes flashed a trace of doubt and he said, "Brother Jiang, this is not what his brother said to Brother Jiang in order to save his life." "No!" Jiang Alang shook his head and said, "The'Ghost Gate 'poisoned his brother and kidnapped Pang Laoda, Qiu Laoer and Ding Wu's family, and You Laoqi's mother as hostages. His brother had to work for the'Ghost Gate' and commit murder!" Chen Feihong stared at the "Liaodong Qixiong" with a pair of starry eyes,touch screen kiosk, as if to penetrate the "Qixiong" mind and asked: "Is that true of your brother?" Boss Pang said indifferently, "Shaoxia Chen, my brother didn't tell Master Jiang that." 。