But after the enemy at the gate, he will camp far away in ten miles away, and then began to look for candidates to surrender. Speaking of this thing is really a little ashamed, although Cheng Yu has set the main strategy of trying not to move the sword, but has been unable to think of a suitable person as a lobbyist, Cheng Yu's is not without a tongue, but his southern expedition is on the battlefield, also did not think of Liu table will be scared to death, these people are left in Xuzhou, although there are Cao Cao and others in the army, But they are their own arms, in case of any accident, it is too late to regret. Seeing that Cheng Yu was restless, she knew that her husband must have encountered some problems, so she asked softly, "My Lord, you are frowning. Do you have something on your mind? Although I don't understand military affairs, it will be better if you say it." Flawless at this time, but completely a good wife and mother, since she was formally married by Cheng Yu, a lot of convergence, most women are very careful,micro gear motor, she knows that her every move is related to Cheng Yu's face, is now dressed in women's clothes. Cheng Yutan held the hand that she was rubbing her shoulders and said to her, "Actually, there is nothing. I just want to find a lobbyist who can go to Changsha to persuade microbloggers to surrender. But after thinking about it, there is no suitable candidate.". It's not a very troublesome thing. You don't have to worry about me. Flawless this is to ask casually, hoping to share the sorrow for Cheng Yu, now casually said: "I don't know if the surrender of Jingzhou can do it?" Cheng Yu suddenly heard such a sentence, also suddenly realized, but felt flawless seems to point to something,Low Rpm Electric Motor, so asked: "Do you know which will be able to do this thing?" "Wandering around the camp the other day, I noticed that one of the generals spoke elegantly and eloquently, and like you, he was a good person for governing the country." "Oh?" Cheng Yu is a little strange, is there any Jingxiang celebrities are mixed in their own army? But he didn't know who he was, so he asked, "Do you know his name?" "It seems that people call him Mr. Yi." It turned out to be him, and he was indeed a suitable candidate. According to historical records, Yi Ji once again went on a diplomatic mission to the State of Wu. Sun Quan asked Yi Ji, "Is it hard for you to serve a fatuous monarch?" Yi Ji replied, "It's just kneeling and worshipping. What's the hardship?" Jifeng agile, so that Sun Quan is also amazed. Seems to be an eloquent person, it is said that the relationship with microbloggers is quite harmonious, if he is willing to as an emissary, must be able to persuade microbloggers to surrender. So Cheng Yu sent someone to invite the Iraqi to come, Vending Machine Motor ,Small Dc Gear Motor, but did not expect the emissary to come back and report that the Iraqi was tired and sick all the way and could not come. Cheng Yu did not know how ill Yi Ji was, so he went to see him in person. But when he saw the Iraqi, he didn't know what to say. It turned out that the Iraqi was chatting with several trusted followers at this time. Suddenly see Cheng Yu, Iraq is also somewhat embarrassed, he thinks Cheng Yu is just a whim, want to see himself, his view of Cheng Yu because of the preconceived relationship, has not been very good, so let his men find an excuse to reject Cheng Yu, did not think of his new master would come to see him in person. Although Cheng Yu heart a little dissatisfied, but think of the Iraqi people, oneself is as a winner's posture came to Jingzhou, the Iraqi will have any conflict is also difficult to express strange. Since Iraq has nothing to do, let's get down to business first. But Cheng Yu was somewhat angry and simply used a debate-style opening: "I would like to ask Mr. Yi, is it right or wrong for a politician to displace the people for his own selfish interests?" Yi Ji felt ashamed, but he didn't want to lose the face of Jingzhou. So he said, "a politician should have all the people in the world in mind and use benevolence to point to violence. But I don't know if Cheng Sima is still in power now." When Cheng Yu heard Yi Ji actually retorted, he was even more angry, but he still had to maintain his calmness and demeanor. He followed Yi Ji's words and went on: "Benevolent people cherish the great harmony of the world. Since I became an official of the court, I have been thinking about how to sweep away the separatist regime and return the world to a peaceful and prosperous era. As a wise man, you should think about the common people, but how can you only care about one person's reputation?" Regardless of the fate of the common people, do not contribute to the people, let the world erosion and complacent that I have been a loyal minister for my master? In a word, Yi's face turned red. After a while, he murmured, "What Sima said is true. If you need me to do anything, just say it. I will not refuse to die." When Cheng Yu saw that Yi Ji's attitude toward him had changed, he said to Yi Ji, "Although I also hate war, if the separatist forces are not swept away, there will be no real stability. Now, although Jingzhou has returned to the jurisdiction of the court, Liu Gongzi refuses to obey the orders of the court in Changsha. I know you have a good personal relationship with him. I hope you can persuade him to surrender to the court." So as not to raise an army and make the people under its jurisdiction suffer. As for his personal aspect, you can tell him that as long as he is no longer against the court, the court will not forget the contribution their father and son have made to the people, so that he can live a happy and prosperous life. Yi Ji didn't want to agree immediately: "The eldest son is kind. If I can explain the reason to him, he will naturally defect. Since Dasima asked me to do it, I'm ready to leave right away." Cheng Yu was still very trusting of his character, and after encouraging him, he ordered his men to satisfy him as much as possible if the Iraqi needed anything, and then left and went back, waiting for the good news of the Iraqi. Microbloggers know Xuzhou army station troops outside the city, nervous, although he has the determination to die, but as long as can live for a period of time, who would object? Suddenly a soldier came in and reported that there was a man from Jingzhou who wanted to see him outside the city. Microbloggers immediately ordered, "Please bring Mr. Yi into the city." Liu Pan, who was beside him, warned him,Gear Reduction Motor, "Elder brother, Jingzhou has surrendered to Cheng Yu for many days. The Xuzhou army is now stationed outside the city. I'm afraid the Iraqi is a spy. He shouldn't be allowed to enter the city. Even if he is allowed to come in, he doesn't need to be so polite." 。 ichgearmotor.com