Heyun Chuxiang looked at the small orange in front of the wood cherry, some heartache in his eyes, that woman in the end is how to take care of this little guy, and then take her to Heyun Villa. Uncle, it's really delicious. Don't you eat it? Muying Xiaocheng did not forget to take care of Heyun Chuxiang while eating. Is that a good thing? Uncle will take you to Heyun Villa to eat better in the future. He Yun Chu Xiang opened his mouth with a disdainful face. "Uncle, what does Heyun Villa do?" "Well, I'll take you there later." ······ Muying Xiaocheng put down her chopsticks and touched her round stomach. Lying on the back of the chair, she looked at the crane cloud beside her and said, "Uncle, Xiaocheng is full!" "Well, let's go when we're full." "Uncle, little orange wants to bring some back to his mother." Don't forget her mother's good child. Just as well Seeing this, the shopkeeper ran over and bowed. "Have you two finished?" He asked. "Well, it's okay." He Yun Chu Xiang looked at the leftover dishes in front of him and opened his mouth in a graceful voice. "It's a small honor for my guest to eat well. That's the total number." The shopkeeper stretched out his hand and said with a smile. Mu Ying Xiao Cheng opened her eyes wide: "So expensive?"? But my uncle and I have no silver on us! "No silver?" The shopkeeper exclaimed, looking at the two well-dressed people in front of him, one big and one small, could it be that he met someone who came to eat the overlord meal? "What do you dare to eat without silver?" The angry eyes of the shopkeeper swept away, and he shouted unceremoniously. With an angry look on his face, Heyun Chuxiang stood up and took out his waist card and clapped it on the table. "Send the money we owe directly to this place, and someone will pay you more!" The shopkeeper looked at the clear words engraved on the waist card and immediately looked panicked. He opened his mouth in a panic and said, "No.. No, it's a small honor for the people of Heyun Villa to come to dinner!" "Joke!"! Is it difficult for me to eat the overlord meal! I told you to go, you have to go! The shopkeeper wiped the sweat on his forehead and promised,small geared motors, "Yes, yes, yes, the little one obeys!" In the heart is actually all sorts of chagrin, today is walked what bad luck! Unexpectedly met this living ancestor! Mu Yingxiaocheng pulled Heyun Chuxiang swaggering out of Baiyun Restaurant with a refreshing face, and the shopkeeper behind him and other people bowed down to see him off. Uncle, Little Orange will be a member of Heyun Villa in the future! "Be ambitious!" Suddenly, people appeared in front of the wedding, and the voice of a woman crying came from her ears. Muying Xiaocheng pulled Heyun Chuxiang to run into the dark crowd, and squeezed through the crowd to see three or five well-deserved men pulling young women in wedding clothes. It's sister yuan Xiang! Mu Ying Xiao Cheng suddenly opened his mouth. -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Monthly tickets, flowers, bricks.. Xiaowu and Xiaocheng are going to rob together (^ ω ^) Chapter 80 you shameless woman! "Sister yuan Xiang?" "En ~" Mu Ying Xiao Cheng nodded, gear reduction motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, and then looked at the side of the crane cloud Chu Xiang opened his mouth and said: "Uncle, let's go to save the original incense sister, the original incense sister can not marry the bully's son!" "Save her?" Heyun Chuxiang could not believe that the little guy in front of him actually asked him to save a woman he had never met, but also in this case, is it difficult to let him Heyun Chuxiang to rob the bride? Mu Ying Xiao Cheng looked at Heyun Chu Xiang with a reluctant face, so he opened his mouth again and said, "Uncle, Sister yuan Xiang is a good person!" A good man? What does that have to do with Heyun Chuxiang! "Uncle, the original incense sister once saved the small orange and mother, now uncle you are the husband of the small orange, how can you do nothing to save it!" Muying Xiaocheng crossed her waist and stared at Heyun Chuxiang with a pair of big round eyes. Heyun Chuxiang wiped the sweat oozing from his forehead and looked embarrassed. He looked around. Fortunately, everyone's attention was not on them, otherwise Heyun Chuxiang would really be reviled! He bent down and touched the head of Xiao Orange and said in all earnestness, "Xiao Orange, uncle promised you to save this sister, but you can't say I'm your husband in front of everyone in the future. When Xiao Orange grows up, there will be a good man who can be Xiao Orange's husband!" The wood cherry small orange tilts a small head to have the consideration, then looked at the crane cloud Chu Xiang to nod said: "The small orange knew." Heyun Chuxiang finally breathed a sigh of relief, then stood up and looked at the girl beside him with a smile on his face and said with a smile, "Uncle knows that Little Orange is the smartest child!" "Of course, Orange is the smartest child. Everyone says so. Don't worry, Uncle. Orange will never say in front of everyone that Uncle is Orange's husband. Orange will only say at home!" He Yun Chu Xiang body a stagger, he has said for so long, so clear, how this child still does not understand ah! Muying Xiaocheng suddenly took Heyun Chuxiang's hand and ran to yuanxiang, "Uncle, don't waste time, you hurry to save yuanxiang's sister!" "Wait!" Heyun Chuxiang grabbed Muying Xiaocheng. He looked around and whispered in Muying Xiaocheng's ear, "How can you save people in such a big way?"! We have to keep a low profile. "How can you keep a low profile?" Muying Xiaocheng blinked a pair of beautiful eyes at Heyun Chuxiang and asked. "Follow them!" Muying Xiaocheng and Heyun Chuxiang came to the house of Cao Daquan, the local bully, who was already happy, peaceful and lively. With a wretched smile on his face, Cao Da ordered his men to pull out the bride sitting in the bridal sedan chair. His mother, who was already ready, hurried over to take the bride into the inner room. Mu Ying Xiao Orange followed a group of people to enter the house, but was stopped by two big men standing at the door. Go, go, go, play,24v Gear Motor, this is not the place you can come! One of the big men pushed Muying Xiaocheng fiercely and scolded. "Why can't I go in?" "Oh," said the big fellow with a smile on his face, "I can't see that this little boy is quite stubborn!" "Ha ha..". ichgearmotor.com