As soon as the idea moved, the blue figure appeared in the sky mark idea, her face was pale with her eyes closed, looking particularly haggard, the voice of the dark God sounded again, "Sky mark, you are not afraid of death, do you want your little lover to die?"? If I kill her, I think you will regret it. Countless dark breaths surged into the blue body, as if they were devouring huge mouths, which could erode her at any time. The sky mark thought a shock, but he soon calmed down, indifferent way: "old black, I said, you don't want to threaten me, since you want me to help you, you have to show some sincerity, only for both of us I can agree.". Blue's life is really important, but if compared with the whole magic star, I think even she herself is willing to sacrifice. What's more, you may not know, I used to have some contradictions with Lan Lan, her life and death is none of my business, she is not my woman at all. There is only one woman I love deeply, but even if she is here,Small Dc Gear Motor, I'm afraid you dare not touch her, because she has the power you fear most. As he spoke, Tianhen kept recalling Lily's holy face in his mind. Nonsense! You! How can you be with a woman who has the power of light? That's impossible! The voice of the dark God was already a little frightened. Nothing is impossible. What's wrong with darkness? What's wrong with the light? Old Black! Whatever you want me to do for you, I have only one request. Is to sign a soul contract. How about if you give me your soul and I promise to help you? You can rest assured that I will only let you become my partner holy beast, as long as you are obedient, I will not do anything to you. Just let you be my partner, the holy beast. The sky mark unashamedly put forward the wish that he hoped to be able to achieve most, he did not expect the dark God to agree to this condition at all, but the condition is a little more harsh,Gear Reduction Motor, bargaining is easier. Anyway, the dark God is afraid of death, so everything becomes much easier to solve. Sky mark thought, although the dark God is powerful, but he is a beast after all, even if it is a super-god holy beast, it is impossible to have human wisdom, such a good opportunity if they do not seize, is not the brain problem? Just when Tianhen felt a little proud, the change suddenly happened. The cold air flow, like a sharp needle, pierced his consciousness. The intense pain paralyzed Tianhen's mind in an instant. The pain from inside to outside was almost unbearable. Tianhen wanted to cry out, but he couldn't, and his consciousness was gradually blurred, but he was always firm in his belief. This is his battle with the dark God. If he gives in, the result is terrible. If he perseveres, he can really keep himself and keep the blue. The invisible battle continued, Brushless Gear Motor ,24v Gear Motor, in the intense pain, the crazy persistence of the sky mark appeared again, at the beginning, he was relying on this crazy spirit to overcome one difficulty after another. I don't know how long it took, but I was surprised to find that my consciousness was not weakened by the cold attack, but became stronger and stronger. What he doesn't know is that dark powers are in the closest contact with the soul, and using dark powers to stimulate the growth of mental power will naturally produce special effects. Of course, this is what no dark power or holy beast dares to do, because if he makes a mistake, he will lose all his consciousness and his body will become a walking corpse. Sky Mark was undoubtedly lucky when he was stimulated, because, as he guessed, the dark gods did not dare to kill him at all. All the pain disappeared in an instant, the mind of the sky mark completely restored calm, the dark God sighed, "just, just, I did not expect that I would finally yield to a human.". Soul contract, right? Okay, I promise you. Let's get started now. Witnessed by all the dark powers of heaven and earth, I, the dark God of the magic star, am willing to dedicate everything to the new master, as the most humble power to set off the glory of the master, I will obey everything of the master, and my soul will always be subordinate to the master. Soul. Dedication. ” The sky mark is still surprised that the dark God agreed to his terms so easily, and the dark God has already sung the soul dedication spell of the dark ability. A purple starlight lit up in the mind of the sky mark, and the voice of the dark God became much more respectful. "Master, this is the dark star on which my soul depends. From now on, I will be completely attached to you." In front of a black, the sky mark only felt that the dark star in his mind turned into a beautiful trace, directly into his mind, the next moment, the sky mark has lost consciousness. I don't know how long it took, the sky mark slowly woke up from the coma, opened his eyes, and he subconsciously touched his head with his hand. What was happening in his consciousness was so real that he was afraid that he would be calculated by the dark God. The head is all right, everything is in normal, the sky mark gazes inward, surprised to find that the black vortex in his original Dantian has disappeared, replaced by a black crystal, and beside the same black energy entity as the energy crystal representing the space system, a small purple star is rotating around it, and the speed of rotation is not fast. But that strange feeling can not help but make the sky exclaim, "Ah!"! Is all this true? Not only did his body change, but he found that everything he saw now was much clearer than before. Although there was the light of the moon, the dark forbidden place was dark after all. However, in this dark environment, he could clearly see every tree and grass. Of course it's true, my master. The voice of the dark God sounded, "Now, I have made a soul contract with you, you are the Lord, I am the servant,12v High Torque Motor, in the future, I will do everything I can to help you.". You seem to have made a soul contract with another dark creature. You can rest assured that my existence has no effect on her. After all, she is much inferior to me. 。