Yeah? My face is not as thick as you, while saying you're welcome, while a big turning point, what as long as the snow Kirin is willing to go with me, you will not stop, who does not know that this snow Kirin is difficult to tame? This is the same as not saying! Throw me a big problem, and if I don't take it away, it's none of your business to lose face, right? Night ecstasy in the heart cursed a sentence: "Wing Wuji is a cobra, do not guard against to give people a bite.". Helian Shuye and Hua Yanyue were in a cold sweat for the night. Wing Wuji, you definitely grew up in the backlit side, so insidious that five hundred suns can't sweep away your evil spirit! Night ecstasy is not in a hurry, in the flower crescent moon ear whispered a word, two people immediately laughed to blossom. I saw the crescent moon palm turned over, gently patted, the camp was immediately summoned out of a red-haired spirit beast. This is the kylin mount of the flower crescent moon, named Taotie. The evil smile at the corners of the night's ecstatic mouth was shining. She touched Taotie's long hair and did not know what to say to it. The red-haired spirit beast shook its mighty long hair, took a step with its big hooves, and walked valiantly towards the snow unicorn. As soon as the Snow Kirin, who was snoring, saw a man of the same kind coming leisurely, the red hair was emitting heat like the sun, which was an irresistible outbreak of male hormones, and immediately his heart beat faster with peach blossoms in his eyes. Wow, so handsome! Gluttonous chase after victory,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, a leer throws natural and unrestrained, did not take time to subdue the heart of beast mm. The two mythical beasts rubbed their noses, licked their faces, and soon got together. Gluttonous red tail in the air big swing big peach heart, snow kylin on the fart upside down, follow the beautiful beast brother to the night ecstasy. Night ecstasy touched the snow kylin, a snow-white long hair, gently said: "My gluttonous but very powerful yo.". Sister Snow is blessed! Wing Wuji, who had lost his treasure,Granite Slab Supplier, was so angry that his face turned green. His hand accidentally knocked over the golden cup, and the wine spilled all over the table. Night ecstasy, you are an insidious villain, and you also play a beautiful man trick on the mythical beast! You, you are worse than an animal! You are a fox! Snow Kirin is his darling! Anger billows, clap the wing infinite to cardiac arrest, but it is not good to get the snow Kirin back, say out, pour out the water, can not be recovered. This dark loss is really unpleasant. When was he calculated? And calculated so miserably. This wench step by step, the serial plan did not give him a chance to fight back. Just, can't give up the child, can't trap the wolf! Is not a snow unicorn, when sent to you, one day the king let you kowtow with interest to me all back! Wing Wuji stroked his hair, his expression quickly calmed down, and continued to plan: "Sister, are you satisfied with this song and dance? These dancers are all exotic beauties!" "Thank you for your kindness, Slate Wall Panel ,Carrara Marble Slab, but I'm not interested in women!" "Oh, yes!"! Blame my brother for his carelessness. Shouting sister sister, unexpectedly forgot that the sister of the king of a country is a woman. It is said that since she ascended the throne, there has been no imperial concubine, not even a male pet. It must be lonely late at night! Hey, hey! Are you going around and around just to hurt me with the last sentence? Look at the way you smile. Are you really my eldest brother and I are very familiar with each other? Bah! Night ecstasy despises in the heart, the surface actually smiles brightly, rushes the wing infinite a leer to fly: "elder brother this means that you want to be my concubine?"? Good, although the elder brother looks a little difficult to distinguish between male and female, but when he wears men's clothes, he is also charming and handsome. It's a pity that I have already recognized your Highness as my eldest brother. If I become a concubine, it will be a bit of a mess. What do you think? Oh, what a pity! In order not to let the eldest brother be laughed at by the world, sister I have to endure the pain of this lovesickness alone! Click, Wing Wuji only felt a thunderbolt, the whole person was split into two small pieces of charcoal blackened. Dead girl! You are so.. Shame on you! Laugh at my appearance, and molest Ben Wang in public. After taking advantage of you, you said no, like my hot face to stick to the cold buttocks, rushing to be your concubine! Also say what for my sake, you endure the pain of lovesickness, you are a good man again, right? "Well, how about giving your sister a boy pet to quench her hunger and thirst?" Night ecstasy, pinch you to death ah me! Horny, mother***er! Night ecstasy really wanted to find a rope to strangle the cobra into 780 pieces. She smiled and waved her hand: "That's all. Sister, I'm weak. I don't have an electric motor like my eldest brother.". Anything can be held and moved! Electric motor? What is it? Yi Wuji looked at a loss. He killed so many people without shaking his hands. Are you still weak? But the latter one is really heard, everything can be "hugged" to move, that is not to scold him hungry, people and animals are not spared? Dead girl! Look, I won't let you cry! Wing Wuji Yin evil a smile, as if blowing a cold wind: "Sister read it before drawing a conclusion!"! This gift from the eldest brother is a rare treasure in the world! Regardless of the appearance or the skill is first-class good, 'hugs' you to satisfy! Night Song- With a summons, a beautiful man with shining silver came slowly. Silvery white clothes, silvery hair. The white skin is as delicate as a baby, and the silver hair is like a waterfall, covering half of the cheeks, but the hair is so elegant that it makes people move, outlining the perfect figure! The presence of all the people bright, this boy pet, is really the best goods ah! Night song suddenly raised his eyes, a pair of silvery eyes looking at the night ecstasy, as if to drip water. Night ecstasy, the whole person was stunned, suddenly exclaimed: "Long Xuan!" It's Long Xuan! It must be Long Xuan! The innocent face, the silvery eyes with a little evil, even if they turn to ashes, she will recognize them. Long Xuan. Night ecstasy can not help but get up and stretch out his hand to the night song, but the silver-haired beautiful man just stood in place, put a sultry style, charming eyes put up a point to her. Yi Wuji insolently smiled: "Haha, sister, I said you would like it, but I refused at the beginning!"! How's that? Big brother's gift is not bad! She did not listen to a word of his words, the whole person seems to have lost his soul,Agate Slabs For Sale, because from the eyes of Longxuan, night ecstasy clearly saw a strange. Not forgotten, but completely and completely strange! As if they had never known each other. But she was absolutely sure that the boy pet called Night Song was Long Xuan!.