Pinellia also gradually liked to joke with him, whenever at this time, he always believed it seriously. When Pinellia laughed happily, he knew that he was not unhappy when he was deceived, but also laughed. Of course, when they were intimate, he would talk about it, then call her a little villain, bite her earlobe, bite her lips and tongue, and even bite the soft peach on her chest, so that now she feels soft when she hears the little villain. However, there is one thing that makes Pinellia difficult to say headache, that is, the ceremony of husband and wife is always carried out from behind. He Do you think there is only one posture? This It's too much to be detained there at night, so that you can't survive and die. Is it monotonous? Pinellia is thinking about inducing it when she has time. Another discovery of Pinellia ternata is that he has a hard-working physical strength that no prominent people can match. Since she told him that he should save more food for a rainy day, he went hunting in the mountains every day before Pinellia woke up, and every time he came back with a full load. Every time he hunts, he gains too much. If he changes to other prominent young men, I'm afraid it's hard to carry it back. But he always throws it over his shoulder and comes back easily. Pinellia surprised, but also remembered that day he was two fists stunned a wolf, this strength is naturally not comparable to ordinary people. Gradually Pinellia began to love this man, no ah, do so much work, how can you eat only a little breakfast? She began to think that she would wake up early so that she could prepare a rich and nutritious breakfast for Wu Mo. Unfortunately, this determination has been made many times, and each time it has not been successful. You can't blame Pinellia ternata for this. If you want to blame Pinellia ternata, blame it. Who let him toss about so long every night. She is a human being, and her physical strength is limited. She considered and never discussed, some things, ah, no matter how good the body is not suitable every day. "Pinellia thought so seriously that she didn't even know when she was staring at her." What are you thinking? No last question. Pinellia suddenly looked up: "Oh, I have something to discuss with you." "There's no need to discuss, you can decide." Wu Mo is a very forthright person, married these days, he has never refused any request of his little wife. Pinellia did not expect so easily let no end agreed, surprised to open his mouth: "But..." Pinellia slightly tilted his head, his bright eyes looked at him doubtfully, his moist lips were so open, his chest was hot, and his throat could not help tightening. Growing up so big, I never thought I would be so fascinated by one thing. It's not that he hasn't seen anything in the mountains, ranging from jackals, tigers and leopards to hares and roe deer. When he acts, he will inevitably be caught by him, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,Silver Travertine Slabs, and he won't think much about it. But he never thought that human beings were different from animals, especially his little lady, who was different from any other people, including other women. She could fascinate him so much that he wanted to rub her into his body. Her beautiful little mouth will always say such and such reasons, those reasons are so nice. At the end of staring at Pinellia slightly open mouth, can not help but continue to think, in fact, when she was infatuated with the bursts of Jiao Yin, that is the best. Pinellia looked at himself with dark eyes and didn't know what to think. He didn't hear himself at all. He couldn't help stamping his feet gently: "You didn't listen to me at all!" Wumo woke up from the myth and hugged his little wife tightly in his arms: "I'm listening, I've been listening all the time.." Pinellia fist gently beat his chest, who knows this fist hit others is not painful or itchy, but provoked his hand pain. She quickly withdrew her hand and said with a little resentment, "You have just promised me that you will be obedient from tonight." When she talked about this, she was a little arrogant. She is really not intentional, who let nothing always so obedient, let her feel that in fact she is a high princess. At the end of the day, she nodded earnestly, and as she nodded above, her hands began to rub around her waist. He was a very talented man, not only in hunting, but also in controlling her body. But in a few days, he had found out what to do to make his little wife make that intoxicating cry. Of course, this does not include breaking through his own understanding and changing his posture at a critical moment. Pinellia stopped his hand, very firmly said: "There is a saying that is so, vigorous, avoid repeatedly.". Twenty-four or five, not every day. After thirty, such as a few months of money. Pinellia raised his eyes and smiled at the puzzled one. "You don't understand," he continued. "Then I'll tell you. That is to say, you are now more than twenty, it is best not to every night- "Pinellia smiled shyly, she was a little embarrassed to describe, but she knew that the man in front of her must say clearly:" Don't be with me every night.. Otherwise, a long time is not good for your health. At the end of the thick brows, still do not understand to ask: "What is wrong?" Pinellia tilted his head for a moment and threatened him, "You don't have the strength to hunt. If you don't have the strength to hunt, there will be no meat to eat. Without meat, we will all starve." Wumo frowned. He lowered his head and thought for a while. "You're right," he said earnestly. "I should listen to you." Pinellia did not expect him to agree so easily, exultation. "I will listen to you," said Wu solemnly. "From tomorrow on, I will catch more prey and store them. In this way, I can't hunt anymore. We also have food to eat!" Pinellia's eyes are black, what is this with what ah! But at the end, she was not allowed to say anything more. She was lifted to the Kang with both hands, and then jumped vigorously, and the whole person was so heavily pressed on her. Your worries have been solved. Let's start. Just when they were like fish in water, Wu Mo suddenly stopped moving. He frowned and listened carefully. Pinellia was in high spirits. She pushed him,Grey Marble Slab, who was stiff, and muttered, "What's wrong?" 。