The people drove Shang Heyang away and came to pay their respects to Master Yuqing. Lingyun asked how the eight aunts were. Master Yuqing said, "My dear teacher knew that she had been robbed, so he took pity on her for the difficulty of her penance. He specially ordered me to come here with thunder cymbals. It was already a little late.". Ba Gu didn't know that Shang Heyang's magic fire was fierce, so she shouldn't have tried the fire by herself. If she didn't release the snow soul beads earlier, she would outsmart herself. Now, except that her heart was protected by snow soul beads and was not injured, the rest were all injured by magic fire, and within three hours, most of her body would turn to ashes. Because of her desperate support and the consumption of the primordial spirit, she just took advantage of my arrival, closed her body with the orb, and flew into the cave. Relying on the orb, she was not greatly damaged. It's just that time is urgent, and it can't be restored to its original state if it's a little later. My teacher said that if I wanted to save her, I had to have Ling Zhenren's new Nine Days yuan Yang Chi and Gathering Soul Refining Dan. Although Ling Zhenren is not a heretic,uns c68700, it is not easy for our younger generation to talk to him. My teacher figured out that he would found a portal in the future, which was useful for the two clouds of Emei. He ordered me to tell the two sisters, Lingyun and Qingyun, to go to ask for this treasure. When you go there, you can explain to the real person that the elixir only needs two pills, and the yuanyang ruler cannot be returned for the time being,x52 line pipe, and you have to rely on it to rescue the trapped people in Emei. This must be said properly and must not be forgotten. When Lingyun and Qingyun heard that someone in Emei was in trouble again, they were shocked. The matter was urgent and they dared not neglect it. They hurriedly drove the sword light and flew straight to Qingluo. After the two of them left, Master Yuqing said that they could not call out Ba Gu and Wen Qi until the elixir was taken. Before the two clouds returned, many of them had seen each other for the first time, and they could not help asking and chatting with each other. When Ziling's sister saw that Szeto Ping was not outside, she thought she was also following Wenqi to the bottom of the cave. Seeing that the one-horned vulture did not come in front of him and did not meet him in the air just now, it was strange that he did not care at that time. After a while, Eryun took back the Nine Days yuan Yang Chi and the Gathering Soul Refining Dan. Master Yuqing first used magic to remove the stone platform and asked Zhu Wen to lead the way with a precious mirror. When he got inside, he saw Wenqi holding a jade box in both hands and guarding the cave. Wen Qi suddenly saw the color light shooting people, see is Yuqing master, the heart is overjoyed, x52 line pipe ,347 stainless steel, busy come over to meet. Master Yuqing took the jade box and went out of the cave together. Wen Qi saw the cold calyx with a surprised face, knowing that it was for Szeto Ping. At the moment, everyone wanted to see how Master Yuqing saved Ba Gu, but she didn't have time to say it first. When Master Yuqing asked about the usage of the nine-day yuanyang ruler, he told Lingyun to raise the ruler and aim it at the stone platform. If he saw the snow soul bead flying out, he pointed the ruler at the shadow under the bead and led Ba Gu's true spirit into his body. Then he handed the jade box to Qingyun and held it in his hands. He took two pills of the elixir and walked to the front of the stone platform. He first put the elixir in two hands, aimed his palms at Bagu Yongquan acupoint, and gently pressed it on. Close your eyes and concentrate, transport the True Qi into your two palms, and guide the elixir from Bagu Yongquan acupoint. They saw Master Yuqing's hands shining, and after a while, he let go and saw that the two elixirs had disappeared. Master Yuqing hurried over and asked for the jade box from Qingyun. He ordered the rest of the people to sacrifice their magic weapons and swords, and sealed Taniguchi in the wind and rain. Then beckoning Lingyun to pay attention, he sat cross-legged in front of Lingyun, holding the jade box in his hand and whispering silently, then reciting the truth. Moments later, in the golden light, a bright light flew out of the box, shining in the eyes and flowing. Under the light, a dark shadow rose and fell slowly, moving very slowly, and did not fly to the stone platform. Lingyun did not neglect, as early as the nine days yuan Yang ruler designated the shadow under the golden light lamp, and silently recited the nine-character magic amulet in his heart. On the ruler head then flies nine golden flowers, a purple gas, is surrounding that group of dark shadows, along with the spirit cloud finger place leads to eight aunts body. Seeing that the shadow will fit with the body, Master Yuqing suddenly turned into a golden light and flew over, bringing the beads into the jade box. In a twinkling of an eye, she saw that the eight aunts were steaming, their complexion gradually turned ruddy, and they did not look like skeletons before. Only then did Master Yuqing order Lingyun to take away the yuanyang ruler and say to the crowd, "Although Ba Gu is using the magic elixir to celebrate her new life, she cannot recover for the time being. Someone must guard her here.". Now Emei has something to do. Except for Zhao, Tao,316ti stainless steel, Liu and Zhao, all the Taoist friends must go to Qingluo, and Tieshao Taoist and Huang Daoyou must go to the East China Sea. All the other Taoist friends must go back immediately. I will guard Ba Gu. 。