"Which old man?" Said Jin Yulou in amazement. "The old man who taught me this skill," said Guo Pu. Jin Yulou blurted out a cry of joy and said, "Why, you met him. Good luck, sir. How could he leave Master Ku lightly?" Guo Pu said with a smile, "The disciple is in trouble. How could the master not come to the rescue?" Jin Yulou said with a smile, "Gan Liuzi and the remnants of the'Red Lotus Temple 'are bound to have their guts broken and their souls flying, and their corpses will be lying on the spot!" Guo Pu said, "The demon monk lost his soul in one move, but because of the kindness of Gui Wu and Gan Lianzhu, the old man kept him alive." "Is that your adventure?" Said Jin Yu. "Isn't that enough?" Asked Guo Pu. "That's enough," said Jin Yulou. "You didn't come to me just to report to me." Guo Pu said with a smile, "You deserve it. I want you to obey orders under the'flag of loyalty '." "Well," said Jin Yulou, "I'm not going to be here. Please tell me." "Tomorrow night," said Guo Pu, "you go in.." "What are you doing?" Asked Jin Yulou. Guo Pu said with a smile, "I'm not asking you to stab Yin Zhen. What are you nervous about?" "Nervous?" Jin Yulou raised his eyebrows and said, "Joke, with those eagles and dogs?"? Do you want me to try? Guo Pu shook his head and said, "No, I want you to do another thing." "What's the matter?" Asked Jin Yulou. "Come on." Guo Pu smiled faintly and said,x60 line pipe, "I'll tell you the major crimes of Hong Li first. Have you heard clearly.." Then he told him from the beginning to the end what the prince had told him. After hearing this, Jin Yulou nodded and said, "Have you heard clearly?" "When you get back," said Guo Pu, "write it down and send it to Yin Zhen's imperial study tomorrow night." Jin Yulou was stunned and said, "Are you going to bring down Hong Li?" "Yes," said Guo Pu, "shouldn't I?" "No one said no,x52 line pipe, but I didn't expect it to be so soon," said Jin Yulou. Guo Pu said lightly, "Isn't it good to be fast?" Jin Yulou turned his eyes and said, "No one says it's not good, but I think there must be a reason." "There's no reason," said Guo Pu. "Under the'Flag of Loyal Heart 'order, you just do what you're told." "No one says no," said Jin Yulou. "But I want to know why." "No reason," said Guo Pu. "I think the time is ripe." "You're deceiving me," said Jin Yulou. "No!" Guo Pu said lightly: "The time is really ripe." "Hai Qing hasn't left yet," said Jin Yulou. "How can it be said that the time is ripe?" "He's about to leave," said Guo Pu. "It's a matter of a day or two. By the way, I have to change the order just now. When you hear that Hai Qing has gone, you can go in again.." "He's leaving," said Jin Yulou in surprise? I don't believe it. "Wait and see if you don't believe me," said Guo Pu. "Did you persuade him?" Asked Jin Yulou. Guo Pu nodded and said, x56 line pipe ,uns s32760 plate, "Yes, I persuaded him." Jin Yulou gazed, shook his head and said, "Hai Qing would never agree to leave so easily.." "In fact, I easily made him nod his head," Guo Pu said indifferently. "There must be some conditions," said Jin Yulou. Guo Pu shook his head and said, "There is no condition!" "You're deceiving me again," said Jin Yulou. Guo Pu was silent. Jin Yulou said in a deep voice, "Did you convince Miss Mei?" Guo Pu still did not speak. Jin Yulou suddenly stood up and said in a loud voice, "Laoliu, you're fooling around. You're fooling around!" Guo Pu suddenly said, "Can you calm down and be quiet?" "How do you want me to calm down?" Said Jin Yulou angrily. "Do you think I want to do that?" Asked Guo Pu. "Can it be said that this is not a foolish thing you have done?" Asked Jin Yulou. "I did it," said Guo Pu, "but I can't call it a muddle-headed thing." "Not confused?" "How can I be confused?" Cried Jin Yulou? You give him the'flag of loyalty 'to be confused. Laoliu, you know what kind of woman Miss Mei is. She is willing to follow Haiqing. Can you give her to Haiqing? Guo Pu said, "I am doing this for the sake of the overall situation.". ” "Haiqing won't go if you don't do that," said Jin Yulou. "That's the truth," said Guo Pu. Jin Yulou said, "Three people have suffered all their lives. You are worthy of Mei Xin. Do you have the heart to see her heartbroken and miserable all her life?" Guo Pu said, "I can't be sorry for Master Ku. When Master Ku chose me, I knew I had to make some kind of sacrifice in the future." Hearing this, Jin Yulou seemed to lose some of his anger. He took a breath and said, "Did Hai Qing really agree?" "You know," said Guo Pu, "he never knew the word'fake 'in his life." Jin Yulou said with a sneer, "Then Haiqing is disloyal to the court and unjust to his friends." Guo Pu raised his eyebrows and said, "What do you mean?" "He gave up the court for a woman who didn't love him," said Jin Yulou. "Hai Qing is not such a person," said Guo Pu. "After all," said Jin Yulou, "he promised to take Mei Xin with him." Guo Pu was in a daze and said, "To be honest, he should be for Yin Zhen." "What do you mean?" Asked Jin Yulou. "He's seen through me," said Guo Pu. "There's been a showdown between me and him." Jin Yulou shook and said, "Laoliu, really?" "Of course it's true," said Guo Pu. "I can still lie to you." "He didn't do anything to you," said Jin Yulou. "I'm still fine now," said Guo Pu. Jin Yulou said with a sneer, "Hai Qing is not a muddle-headed man. He must have some qualifications." Guo Pu said, "He doesn't want me to be like his father and my master. His only condition is that I take Yunzhu and Jiulongguan with me.." "The cloud bead is'?" With the crown of nine dragons, "said Jin Yulou. "Not bad," said Guo Pu! He promised to help me ask Yin Zhen for it. Of course, he was afraid that I would break into the house and hurt the guards, which would surprise Yin Zhen. "Did you promise?" Asked Jin Yulou. Guo Pu said, "He said, if I don't go, he won't go either. I won't mention the past. If I change again,347 stainless steel, although he knows he's defeated, he's willing to bleed five steps. I don't want to be an enemy of him. You know, I can't bear it.." 。 lksteelpipe.com