Muller and Zhuo Mu, the first masters in Huijiang, are upright, chivalrous and courageous. Although they do not covet the location map of the "Crystal Secret Record", they feel that they have lost all their glory. They are quite upset. Then they gently hand over their hands and say to the chivalrous heroes with a smile: "Farewell to you. I will go first. I will see you later.." Tie Baylor, a straight man, jumped forward and held Muller and Zhuo Mu. Said in a loud voice, "He Zhuo Mu, you are the king of the Ministry this time. How can you just leave? Tie Mou is going to get close to you. In this way, won't it be disappointing?" Muller and Zhuo Mu patted Tiebele on the shoulder and laughed loudly, but there was a little desolation in their laughter. Monk Kutuo had been through the wind and frost for a long time. He had already seen through the worries of Muller and Zhuo Mu, the first masters in Xinjiang. He stepped forward quickly, put his hands together and said in a loud voice, "Amitabha, I have seen Tan Yue.." Muller and Zhuo Mu were stunned. Then, with a loud laugh, they bowed to each other. With joy, they stood between their eyebrows and said with a smile, "Muller and Zhuo Mu have seen the great monk.." Monk Kutuo stared at Muller and Zhuo Mu for a long time. Then he nodded with a smile and said, "It is said in Jianghu that Muller and Zhuo Mu, the kings of the Hui tribe, not only have unparalleled martial arts, but also are honest, selfless and righteous. They are men of indomitable spirit. When I saw them today, they really lived up to their reputation." When Muller and Zhuo Mu saw Kutuo and Xiang praising themselves in public, they had already thrown their unhappiness out of the sky. They quickly bowed down and said with a smile, "The great monk's praise is so shameful." Monk Kutuo looked solemn. "I have an unkind request," said Zhengrong. "I wonder if Tan Yue can agree." Muller and Zhuo Mu did not think about it and said in a loud voice,Jumping castle with slide, "Monk, please tell me. As long as I, Muller and Zhuo Mu, can do it, I will not hesitate." Monk Kutuo clasped his hands together and lightly proclaimed the name of the Buddha, saying, "Amitabha, calm down Jianghu. It seems that there will be another bloody storm. Several devils who have been hidden and missing for many years are the Lord of Taiyin of the Taiyin Sect and the Lord of Qiankun of the Qiankun Sect." As well as his disciple Wanling Childe Dugusheng, the Demon Monk Hongyun, the Withered Bamboo Old Man of Xingxiu Sea,Inflatable bouncer, the Owl Granny of Qilian Mountain, Living Yan Luoleibi, Dongying Wo Jun, Maoshan Bald Way, Yumu Demon Divination, and Miaojiang Demon Fairy Niang, have appeared one after another. Eliminating the Demons and Defending the Way is my bounden duty as a chivalrous man. How can Tan Yue just walk away? Kutuo Monk's words made Muller and Zhuo Mu blush and secretly cry out, "Shame!" Then he bowed and said, "Muller and Zhuo Mu are willing to do whatever they want." Monk Kutuo laughed and said, "Tan Yue's words are too serious.." Monk Kutuo approached Tiebeile and continued, "Master Beile, this is not a place to talk. Is there any quiet and secret place? It's better to take a long view." Before Tie Bei Le opened his mouth, the daughter of the flower, Shao Laosan, had already crossed the crowd and reached the front of the monk Ku Tuo. He said with a smile, "The great monk doesn't mind suffering. Our flower nest is quiet and secret.." Without waiting for the daughter to finish speaking, Tiebele repeatedly nodded his head and clapped his hands. "Good," he said with a loud laugh, "that's great!" Tie Bei Le said, Inflatable outdoor park ,inflatable floating water park, returned to the car and glanced at the chivalrous heroes. He continued, "Monk, and Zhuo Mu, Shao Laoer said that the flower nest is much richer than our Bei Le Mansion. If you don't believe me, you will know later." Muller and Zhuo Mu laughed, nodded and said, "The disciples of the Beggars' Sect are all over the world. They have many eyes and ears. The flower nest is not only safe, but also fast and convenient to transmit information. That's all. Monk, please!" Once the decision was made, the chivalrous heroes soon left the backyard of the palace. The night was deep and quiet, and it was already the third watch. Shao Laoer, the daughter of Qianjin, led the crowd around many dark alleys and flew down in the back garden of a huge and gorgeous house. Garden pavilions and terraces, flowers and trees, rockery fish pond, elegant and exquisite, it seems that if not the home of princes and officials, but also the valve giant, is it a place suitable for hiding? Shao Laosan, the daughter of a flower, smiled and did not explain. He clapped his hands. Someone in the garden was already chasing him. "But Shao Shigong?" Said Hanako in a low voice. "Exactly.". ” Suddenly, two men dressed up as servants appeared from the flower and tree industry. Their temples bulged high on both sides. Not only did they walk steadily, but their eyes were shining. They knew at a glance that they were all first-class masters of both internal and external training, and their flying skills were even better. They jumped lightly and flew ten feet away in front of Shao Laoer, the son of Qianjinhua. The two of them bowed their hands and said in unison, "The younger generation will listen to Shizu." Old Shao, the daughter of a flower, nodded his head lightly. He looked like an elder and ordered in a deep voice, "The distinguished guest is coming. Why don't you lead the way quickly?" The two men dressed as servants bowed and said yes. They looked slowly at the chivalrous man and then said, "Please come with me." The two men dressed as servants led the chivalrous heroes around a row of flowers and stopped in front of a rockery. As soon as they reached out their hands and pressed the hidden button, the rockery suddenly rolled open a secret door. Shao Laosan, the daughter of a flower, proudly led the crowd into the door. In this rockery, the original do not have a cave, brilliant lights, as if in the daytime, several into the elegant room, the hall is connected, everything is ready, luxurious furnishings, it is no less than the home of three marquises. The feelings of consternation of the chivalrous heroes were overflowing. Tiebele laughed and said in a loud voice, "How's it going?"? Are we right? Shao Laosan, the daughter of the beggars, was also quite proud of himself. As he greeted the chivalrous heroes to their seats, he said with a smile, "People call my Beggars' Sect the'Poor Family Sect. 'They wear a lot of clothes and are full of poverty and sourness. You must be surprised that our nest of beggars is such a place.". To tell you the truth, this is where the Capital General Altar of the Beggars' Sect is located. The owner of this house, Qi Tong, is also a son of the Beggars' Sect. In terms of speaking, Qi Tong is still a generation of Elder Martial Nephew. When Tiebele heard this, he suddenly jumped up and grabbed his daughter Shao Laosan. "Laohuazi," he said in a loud voice, "did you say that Qi Tong, one of the five richest merchants in the capital, was a disciple of the Beggars' Sect?" Old Shao nodded with a smile and said, "Yes, that's him.." Muller and Zhuo Mu said in a loud voice, "Laohuazi, you have a nephew who is one of the five wealthy merchants in the capital. I think you should stop begging for food and enjoy a happy life at home." Suddenly, with a crisp sound, Tiebele clapped his forehead,inflatable amusement park, sighed, and fell down in the armchair. People do not understand why, have come forward to visit.