Jun Moxiao suddenly used the skill of this crazy sword department and rushed forward. The attack of the flame amulet. Unlike the ice amulet, which has a state that can't be ignored, it's still tolerable to eat hard. Gai Caijie was obviously not prepared for such a tough encounter with Ye Xiu. Jun Moxiao hit, against the green drive to continue to rush forward, and pulled the distance from the flying sickle behind him, and then turned to the right. Boom! Jun Moxiao is stuck by the flame amulet, and the flame rises all over his body, which is the continuous damage in time. The war sickle flew back to the hand of the green drive, but what Ye Xiu got was only the damage of a collision stab, not as heavy as the attack of the flame amulet. But it's better than nothing. Sky strike! Change the shape of the thousand machine umbrella and pick it out. Gai Caijie's mind moved, but there was still no big change. The sickle that had just flown back was pulled back in front of him, holding the sky strike. Then one hand pushed out, and another piece of paper was sent, this time, the falling thunder amulet. Jun Mo laughed and jumped out of the way, and the green drive took advantage of the situation to knock down the sickle. The blue light on the ground floated, and the soaring array immediately lifted Jun Moxiao into the air. Boom! Jun Mo Xiao in the air quickly adjusted his body shape, and it was an anti-tank gun facing the green drive. Green drive is about to come up to add attack, the result is so forced, you don't laugh by recoil has been far away, the other hand threw but sent back a grenade. Up and down, two people fight several times in an instant, who did not suffer a great loss, who did not take advantage of. In other words, it is rare to be able to fight so closely with Ye Xiu's Jun Moxiao, but now, many people have higher expectations for Gai Caijie. The exorcist is known as the nemesis of Jun Moxiao, because of the newly updated level 75 skills, but Gai Caijie has not been used yet. Do you want to wait for a more mature opportunity? Everyone can understand this idea, but they just don't have the same patience as Gai Caijie. They just hope to see the success of Qingzhiqu as soon as possible. How easy is it to stand and talk without pain? Hasty shot, no effect, can only be a waste of skills, in the next skill cooldown to lose the deterrence of the existence of skills. But now, Gai Caijie already can clearly feel that Ye Xiu really has scruples about this skill, some operations, obviously with this kind of guard. The power of the nemesis, in fact, has been revealed ah! It's not only the big move that makes the other side kneel that plays a role. How patient! Even Ye Xiu could not help feeling. I'm looking for an opportunity. Gai Caijie did not seem to resist the conversation in the game. There won't be. Ye Xiu said. No one can be sure of that. Gai Caijie said. When he said this, the green sword swept down from the top, while the other hand was ready to pinch a piece of paper. As Gai Caijie expected, in this case, Ye Xiu did not dare to use the attack to parry this very simple and casual response, inflatable bounce house with slide , Jun Mo laughed and jumped back. Soul control! Sweep down the war sickle unexpectedly at this time suddenly out of hand, Jun Mo laughed after the jump distance, suddenly appears to be not enough. But pull open a little distance Ye Xiu, at this time seems to be a little relieved, a thousand machine umbrella pick, parry up, the result is in the moment of the weapon is about to collide, Ye Xiu saw, the left hand of the green drive, quickly clapped on the sickle. Not good! Ye Xiu knew it in seconds, but it was too late to change. The umbrella and the sickle collided. A string of paper energy quickly came up from the handle of the sickle. From the junction of the two weapons, it jumped to the umbrella. When it suddenly blossomed, a seal appeared faintly. Exorcist Lv75 big move: ban amulet. Effect: The target equipment stuck by the forbidden symbol cannot be used within 1 minute. Volume one, ask for a monthly ticket! ) Tenth watch, ask for a monthly ticket! According to the rhythm of the last day of last month, there was another explosion of the ninth watch! Ask for a monthly ticket! The new moon is burning! Rhythm up! Get up the monthly ticket. (To be continued). If you like this work, you are welcome to subscribe and reward. Your support is my greatest motivation. Volume I Chapter 1220 Two Thousand Umbrellas ) Chapter 1220 two thousand umbrellas. The ban symbol, which has no harmful effect, brings abnormal effects for up to 1 minute. What is the concept of one minute for glory? A single fight of crushing degree usually ends within one minute. And the strength of the confrontation, it depends on the style and play of each person, the time used is not easy to unify, but assuming that it is a direct confrontation, it usually takes more than three minutes to win or lose. Ye Xiu's individual matches are basically the same rhythm. The same is true of this match and Gai Caijie. After testing each other's opening, the two roles fought fiercely together. Charm is an exorcist's unique way of fighting, either directly using the paper to attack, or attaching the paper to the weapon, so that the weapon attack has the damage and effect of this spell, or even after attaching to the weapon, then using the "soul" to throw the weapon out, forming a long-range spell attack. Just now, Gai Caijie suddenly pasted the sickle on the paper at the last moment, so that the blow was accompanied by a spell effect. But whether it is ice or fire, Jun Mo Xiao attack parry is successful, did not hit, spell damage can not play a role, but the spell used by Gai Caijie, it is the forbidden amulet. The object of action of the ban symbol is preparation, this blow, Jun Mo Xiao attack parry, which is equivalent to sending up the target that Gai Caijie wants to attack. That sounds simple. However, the battle sickle of the imperial soul, stuck in the other side's attack parry, to touch but not touch the moment to play a role on the paper, this operation is not generally difficult. Ye Xiuzhong, Qianji Umbrella has been banned and cannot be used. Unusable means that the equipment attributes will be temporarily deducted,Inflatable mechanical bull, as if they do not own the equipment, and some equipment with special effects will be completely obliterated. At present, banning weapons or shoes is considered the most cost-effective way to use them. joyshineinflatables.com