Aluminum Die Castings play a very important role in the current industry. They have a very wide range of uses in many industries. The society is constantly developing, and people’s living needs are getting higher and higher. The demand is also constantly increasing.

The mechanical properties and tensile strength of aluminum die-castings are large when the material is broken during production. To a certain extent, its elongation is a measure of the brittleness and plasticity of the material. The hardness is the surface of the material against hard objects. Resistance to plastic deformation caused by press-in or friction.

The working temperature and humidity of the aluminum die-casting parts, as well as the medium and air tightness requirements of the workpiece contact, the accuracy and dimensional stability required by the entire product.

The accuracy and surface roughness of aluminum die-casting parts will directly affect the working efficiency of its pumps and hydraulic systems, energy consumption and the development of cavitation, etc., internal combustion engine cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, cylinder liners, piston rings to a certain extent. , The strength and resistance to chilling and heat resistance of aluminum castings such as exhaust pipes directly affect the working life of the engine.

Aluminum die castings are given priority to sand casting. The main reason is that sand casting has lower cost than other casting methods, simple production process, and short production cycle. When the wet type cannot meet the requirements, consider using the clay sand surface dry sand type, dry sand type or other sand types. The casting method of aluminum castings should be compatible with the production batch. Low-pressure casting, die casting, centrifugal casting and other casting methods are only suitable for mass production because of the high prices of equipment and molds. Cast aluminum can be single-piece casting or mass production.

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