You need to prepare for your child's care before he/she arrives, and choosing the right pediatrician is one of the best steps you can take. For those looking for the best child care hospital in Kota, Rajdeep Fertility Clinic and Hospital would be the best choice.

Rajdeep Fertility Clinic and Hospital pride itself on its ability to manage any childhood-related condition with state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled doctors. To ensure your child receives holistic care, we also employ allied health professionals like dieticians, physiotherapists, etc.


A multi-super specialty hospital, Rajdeep Fertility Clinic, and Hospital redefine the standards of excellence in healthcare services by combining the best in infrastructure, technology, training, and medical intelligence. With our unmatched quality standards, cutting-edge technology, and medical intelligence, we provide personalized healthcare.


Rajdeep Fertility Clinic and Hospital puts women at the center of everything we do! Our new vision of healthcare recognizes that women's and children's health care needs are different.


It's like a rebirth for a woman during pregnancy! It is this divine phenomenon called giving birth that defines womanhood. During this period, women need all the emotional and physical support they can get as well as quality health care.


Taking care of your child is the best thing you can do for him or her during childhood. For their optimal development and well-being, certain basic needs must be met, including encouragement, a sense of responsibility, affection, and the opportunity to learn and explore.

A NICU and PICU with ventilators and monitors are available at the hospital to assess each patient's health condition critically. Doctors and trained staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to care for patients and monitor them at all times.

Why choose Rajdeep Fertility Clinic for child care treatment in Kota?


We have a team of certified child specialists with extensive experience in child care treatment in Bangalore. From birth until the age of 16, we provide physical, psychological, and educational care to children.

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