Mumbai, known as the city of dreams is the go to destination for people whether they are looking for work or a big city to reside in. Are you someone that it resonates with? Well, if you are looking for the best apartments/flats in Chembur, Mumbai, you are in the right place to find one. Puravankara has undertaken multiple residential projects in Mumbai and is accomplishing their grandeur.

Welcome to Puravankara, one of the most formidable and outstanding real estate firms in the country and the world. We are a group of tenacious realtors and developers who want to provide you and your family with top-notch flats that have all of your problems and inquiries resolved.

Our Best Apartments in Chembur, Mumbai

Mumbai can be a pain when it comes to apartment hunting. It is a huge city with a rambling torrent of people and traffic to an eternal stretch. But Puravankara is on a mission to create for you a peaceful abode for you in the chaotic environment where you and your family can feel the emotion we call home. 

Purva Clermont

The Purva Clermont is a complex of residential units in Chembur that is incredibly opulent. The bathrooms in the flats are large and well-designed for both utility and aesthetics.

  • Ideal room sizes have been carefully considered for each apartment. Therefore, if the occupants choose to do so, it would be simple for them to accept large objects.
  • With carefully chosen amenities and services at your disposal, organizing parties or just unwinding without having to travel out every time won't be an issue.
  • Puravankara presents a variety of high-end, luxurious apartments in Mumbai that come in 2, 3, and 4 BHK forms, taking into account the widespread popularity and demand.
  • The built-up areas for 2 BHK homes range from 533 to 629 SFT, those for 3 BHK homes from 974 to 1681 SQ FT, and those for 4 BHKs from 2162 to 2429 SFT.

Why Choose Puravankara Apartments?

The ideal modern living experience is embodied by the collection of luxury apartments for sale in Mumbai that Puravankara has to offer. The Purva apartments in Mumbai are highly sought-after examples of excellent craftsmanship with spacious interiors and cutting-edge features.

  • We have apartments right in the middle of Mumbai. Every commercial center is close enough to the homes to offer serenity and convenience. We choose a site that is close to train stations, shopping centers, educational institutions, medical facilities, and places of worship.
  • Our apartments are roomy to help you feel comfortable. We created our flats to match your requirements and expectations because we recognise how important having a large living area is.
  • We are proud of our energy efficiency as another quality. Energy is always made available to you in our residential units, but it is also saved for long-term sustainability.
  • Additionally, our apartments are always kept in good condition. Sanitation and cleanliness are our main concerns.

In Closing

Puravankara brings you the most luxurious apartments in various cities across the nation that are retrofitted with world-class amenities. We consider factors such as space, comfortability, reachability, aesthetics, and other major amenities that people look for in a house. Therefore, if you are tirelessly looking for a safe haven for your family, contact us today!