If you are a tifosi of the American brand, better not look: the cheap Harley-Davidson, which has been talked about so much in recent months, will be a reality next year. It is clear that H-D is focused on expanding the type of customer that accesses its motorcycles. In 2020, the commercialization of electric motorcycles will start, with the Harley-Davidson Livewire, of trail motorcycles, with the Harley-Davidson Pan America, and with a naked, the Harley-Davidson Bronx.

Undoubtedly, Harley-Davidson is going to reach all kinds of customers with its new motorcycles, you will notice the Harley Davidson Breakout Led Headlight looks very cool of the whole series of Harley Davidson motorcycles, but the cheap Harley-Davidson can be a real boost for its sales, especially in key markets such as Asia, where motorcycles with smaller displacement are in demand. China is undoubtedly partly to blame for the development of this 350cc Harley-Davidson.

To the further concern of fans of the Milwaukee brand, the cheap Harley-Davidson will be manufactured in China, at the plant owned by its industrial partner Qianjiang. Everything seems to indicate that this new Harley will be based on the Benelli 302S, at least the frame and probably the engine block, a 350 cc twin that will replace the 302 mm of the current Benelli.

What will be completely different will be the design, the general style of the bike. The Harley-Davidson, whose project name is 350HD, will have its own specific design, with elements typical of the American firm, such as the design of the tank or the headlight. In general terms, this is a sporty, elegant and medium-sized motorcycle.

With this bike, Harley-Davidson wants to reach a much wider audience. China is its main objective and it is not ruled out that this bike will only reach the Asian giant. If it reaches the rest of the markets, it would be a motorcycle that would compete with motorcycles of the stature of the BMW G310 R or the KTM 390 Duke.

Unfortunately, the only thing I can confirm is that it will be a reality. But there is still very important information to be known, such as the marketing deadlines, the markets in which it will be present, the price or the final power. Issues that we will surely learn about throughout the year 2020. The Harley revolution is one step closer!