Hiring a call girl in Dhaka can be a costly experience, and costs vary from city to city and girl to woman. Generally, the younger the girl, the cheaper she will be.

Straight sex is the least expensive type of sex; fetishes, such as anal sex, are more expensive.

Depending on the distance and type of sex you want, the cost will increase. Outcall call girls may be more expensive than call girls, due to the time it takes to reach them.

The society of Dhaka is very conservative and patriarchal. Most women are confined to their homes and are not accustomed to socializing with men.

Women in Dhaka may be shy, but their hard work and dedication to the job will pay off in the long run.

In addition, Dhaka's nightlife scene is equally as dangerous, with many conservative families disapproving of their daughters leaving the house at night to pick up a man.

Although approaching women in Dhaka can be tricky, it is possible to find women if you know how to behave and dress appropriately.

Dhaka is very hot and it is best to dress in comfortable, breathable material. Bangladeshis do not have great fashion sense, so it's important to screen the women before approaching them.

And don't forget to practice your local languages to make the first impression count. You can find some beautiful women in Dhaka if you know how to treat them right.