Enterprises always eye for spheres where they can promote and expand their businesses. Distinct from e-commerce platforms like Amazon or eBay where sellers can just merely list their products, Shopify is a complete platform that lets entrepreneurs build their own websites and unites them to its single e-commerce platform.

It is like building an online shopping mall with millions of stores that are customizable and can be accessed via multiple channels including social media. Shopify enables you to create an online brand presence and to integrate business tools to enhance your sales.

It is a combined package of what an enterprise requires for front and back-end development of its commerce. A store thus requires great aesthetics to be able to lure visitors of which many should and could become its possible customers.

A survey highlights that 80% of the customers value shopping experience as much as what they’re actually shopping for. It is hence necessary to pay immense heed to your Shopify Store’s Design. Read on to know the five best practices for your Shopify Store’s Design.


Sales are always about consistency. This consistency comes only when there’s a strong brand identity. This identity must be embedded in people’s mind so much so that they demand your product every time they buy anything. Your store must hence exhibit that identity.

Your Shopify Store’s Design must not be a random collection of individually beautiful designs or patterns, instead it must reflect your vision for your brand in every sense. Your design must be dependent on what your target audience wants, on your specialty, your inventory quantity and your promotional methods.

Your design throughout must be relevant to your products and businesses. This can be done through your font styles, themes and images used. Your store will be relevant to your business if your content and images are coherent to your product. Creating a relevant Shopify Store’s Design enables you to easily scale your business well globally and in future as well.


In addition to relevance, your Shopify Store’s Design must be uniform and must adhere to itself. Shopify allows you to choose from millions of themes that should match your business’ vibe. It is also essential for you to decide on a budget for your theme even if it means you’re using a free theme.

The color palette or color scheme should be consistent and standardized. Font style should be readable and at the same time appropriate to the business. This means for instance, if you choose Comicsans font style as your Shopify Store’s Design while you sell sophisticated and minimalist jewelry, your users would obviously not be willing to purchase your product.

Similarly using pastel colors on your homepage and then using dull or extremely vibrant colors on your collection or product page would give contradicting experiences to your visitors. This could result in a gradual decline in the number of visitors shopping from your store.


Your Shopify Store’s Design should serve the utmost functionality. A functional Shopify Store can generate more traffic and conversion than a dysfunctional store which can drive away traffic. This can be done through a variety of ways. There must be a search box accessible to the users from all webpages.

This allows them to easily look for what they want. Your collection page should also have filter and sort options for quick and custom product selection. Similarly for businesses having multiple color variations for the same product must enable the option for swatches that prevents repeated display of the same type of product. Similarly, there must be tags to every product in the collection page to facilitate search by category.


Feasibility is a very crucial feature determined by your Shopify Store’s Design. This feature is a great way to gain higher conversion rates and drive-up sales. Some last-minute buyers look for products that could be delivered immediately and require the information regarding the shipping and delivery.

Similarly, some fickle-minded buyers wish to be sure if the products could be replaced or returned. This hence mandates the websites to have easily available shipping info and refund/return policy. Similarly, feasibility can be enhanced by your hired Shopify Store Development Company by reducing the crowding on your collection page.

You must ask the company to offer a Load More button instead of endless cataloging of products. Your product page must be free of clutter, devoid of unnecessary information and description. A description in the form of brief pointers is better than a long, unnecessarily ornamented description.


You must ensure that your Shopify Store’s Design should be fast or lightweight and mobile-friendly. Enterprises can lose a potential customer in approximately three seconds. There are millions of mobile phone users in the world today. Your Shopify Store’s Design must thus be compatible with mobile phones.

In addition, the design should be such that the time taken in the loading process could be minimized. Your store should be devoid of any irrelevant widgets, buttons and large image files that might slow down page load time. This way your customers will have a seamless experience making them more willing to buy your products.

Shopify can thus be used as a powerful tool to channelize your creative energies and use it to scale your business no matter what your technical expertise or your location. For building a successful Shopify store, you need an appealing Shopify Store’s Design.

This can be best done by hiring a Shopify Store Development Company that saves you time and gives you the best quality output at affordable costs. Become global with Shopify and become effective with a convincing Shopify store design.