"We'll see each other again, Syd." I won't keep you waiting too long, Syd, my future daughter. I know it's impossible, Xiao Ling. I won't remember you after I'm reincarnated. You should take care of yourself and be happy. She refused to let go of the hand she was holding. Rest assured, "I touched her head," I will not forget you, you have to wait, we will be able to meet again. "Go." The King of Hell came over and grabbed Xidai's wrist. The strength of her grip on me slowly disappeared, and their bodies became transparent. I tried to grab her, but it went through her body, and I felt very uncomfortable. Farewell. At the last moment of his disappearance, the King of Hell showed a smirk. Dead King of Hell, when I die, I won't disturb your Palace of Hell. You'd better take good care of my Xidai, or I won't stop. After saying such a sentence angrily, I couldn't hold it any longer. When I opened my eyes again, I found myself lying in bed. I immediately got up, looked left and right,heavy duty warehouse rack, and found myself in the room, sleeping beside my little nanny. Oh, I feel so dizzy. I really can't drink too much. The sequelae are very serious. By the way, where is Youya? Where is Youya? I just found that I was wearing suspender shorts. I often wear this suit when I practice dancing. My little nanny knows that I like to wear it best. It's convenient and cool. I guess the little nanny changed it for me after I got drunk yesterday. It's too late to change clothes now. I have to find Youye first. He can't really be taken away by the two gods in the divine world. What should I do? "Well.." Xiao Ling, are you awake? My movements were so light that I woke up my lovely little nanny. By the way, I thought she looked like someone a long time ago. Now that I think of it, she looks like Syd. Which room is Youye in? I picked up a coat at random and put it on. Ah The little nanny didn't react,Narrow aisle rack, but when I was already at the door, she suddenly shouted, "He's in room 1136!" "I know, three Q." 1132, 1124, 1136. This is it. Open the door, you, open the door, you! Knocked for a long time to open the door was someone else, "Youye?" "Oh, you're also him." In the middle of the conversation, he stopped. "Xiao Ling, haven't you seen him for a while? Do you miss him so soon?" "Don't waste your words. You can answer whatever I ask you. It will delay my business. You will look good. Be careful that I take Miss Yansong abroad for two or three years so that you can't see her at a glance." Hum, even if you are Youye's agent, Warehouse storage racks ,Steel racking system, I will never relent. Don't be afraid of you. He went downstairs to the hall. He didn't say a word just now. Hey, I haven't said play yet, hey! No time to talk to that guy, it is really annoying, how can Miss Yansong marry such a wordy person? Came to the canteen, how can so many people, these staff members get up so early, only a few hours to sleep ah? "Xiao Ling?"? Did you get up so early? I thought you were going to sleep a little longer. A female voice suddenly appeared behind me. Sisi, have you seen you? Looking back, it was none other than Sisi. I saw him in that corner just now, but he looked like he had something on his mind. She pointed in the direction of the window. Lingzi, why did you wake up so early? It's brother Fujitake. Brother, have you seen you? Seeing that I was worried, he looked me up and down, smiled, shook his head and said, "No." I frowned at the group of people in the hall and took a deep breath. All the people stopped their movements and stared at me. Ling? You also got up from a seat by the window and came to me. Youye?! As soon as he took two steps, I rushed in front of him. "You didn't leave?" Where can I go? He looked at me in a funny way, pushed aside the hair on my face and helped me tidy up the hair on my end. Have you seen Syd? Only then did I realize how bold I was. I ran out with my hair uncombed and unkempt, looking for someone in front of so many people. You He knew who I was talking about and looked at me in surprise. "Didn't Wu Shen and Meng Shen tell you that I was the goddess of luck?" Grasping his hand as he fixed my hair, he smirked. He looked at me for a long time, and the sadness between his eyebrows unfolded in an instant. He was worried because he was a God, and the dream God must have told him that he loved the goddess of luck, right? "It turns out that I've always wanted you in my past and present life." When I wasn't looking, he hugged me and hugged me tightly. Of course, you are destined to be mine, whether I am a man or a God, you belong to me. Hey hey, very overbearing? But this is the absolute truth proved by facts. Youye, "I broke away from his arms and looked at him." Shall we get married? " Two years later. Qi Junshang! Long Guangyao! You two stay away from my wife. You also went straight to the hospital as soon as he got off the plane. How could this happen? Just a few days after he went to New York, he received a phone call from his brother, saying that his wife suddenly fainted while filming. He was so scared that he immediately ran back in the special plane of President Qi Hui's wedding. Don't be so loud. If you scare away the daughter in my belly, you'll have a good time. Lying in the hospital bed, I saw him running back, not to mention how beautiful my heart was. After two years of newlywed life, I seemed to live in a honey pot every day. Daughter? You know the gender so soon? He drove Junshang, who had been sitting beside me, away and sat down and stroked my stomach. It's only been three months. How can I know the sex. But I told the King of Hell that I had already booked one. Ha-ha, my little Xidai, my mother has been waiting for you for two years. Syd? He raised his eyebrows and said, 'That's what it looks like.' Honey, you are so smart! No matter how many people around him, he kissed him directly on the face. Hey,Cantilever Storage rack, can you worry about us, too? At least we'single nobles' haven't landed yet. Don't be so sour about us, OK? Junshang is not convinced over there. omracking.com