The brigade commander was preoccupied and went back to find the garrison commander. The garrison commander also felt that things were not good. He must not be allowed to lead the troops. If he had soldiers, he would be in trouble. The garrison commander could not think of any brilliant idea, so he rode to find Ma Bao, Ma Buying's father. Ma Bao is idle at home and is a brother of the same clan as the garrison commander. The garrison commander played for a long time and listened to the sound of the Gong. Ma Bao said, "Bu Ying is your nephew and a subordinate. You don't have to ask me. Let Bu Fang arrange it. It doesn't matter whether he is a 14-year-old battalion commander or not." With this sentence, the guard made peace of mind, let the horse battalion commander as a bare rod commander on the grounds of young age, only get pay without troops. His father told him the details, but he was not angry, "My soldiers have just changed from air to water, I color them, and when they have blood, the northwest is all my soldiers." The father said, "From ancient times to the present, the soldiers are all in the camp. What nonsense are you talking about?" The son said, "This is what I saw in the Valley of Horses. The Valley is full of horse bones.". The mountain wind is so strong that it can't be blown down; in summer, the snow water is like the sea, and it can't drown them; they are all running in the way they used to, and when they were alive,Pallet rack beams, they carried all the heroes of ancient times. The strong men were supported by yellow sand, but their horses were all in the mountains. The Grand Imam said that the horses did not come empty-handed, they carried the soul of the hero. If the soul does not disperse, the horse will not fall. The bones of Shenma Valley are all in a state of galloping. Father says: "You are a baby, can become battalion commander pretty good." Ma Buying took off his military uniform and went out without saying a word. He drove his sheep to the northern plateau. The plateau was so desolate that the sheep could not find grass. It was a place where the loess was cracked. The sheep found grass roots and fished them up one by one like fishing. They ate very carefully. Later, he climbed over the girder and went to the Qilian Mountains. There are few herdsmen there. The grass is very high, but it is where the leopards come and go. Ma Buying drove the sheep there,heavy duty racking system, but the sheep refused to eat the grass. It's not that the grass is not delicious, but that there are leopards lying in the deep grass. The leopard is as bright and fierce as the fire. Ma Buying didn't bring a knife or a gun. He weighed two stones, just like a primitive man. He fought with the leopard in the long grass. The sheep were all lying on the ground, like hiding from a bomb on a plane. The leopard's whine was all in the sky, and the valley could not contain its roar, so it put its majestic voice into the sky, and its voice was like a kite, turning fast and fiercely. Later, the kite disappeared, and the sky was quiet and blue. Ma Buying came out of the deep grass, his body was covered with wounds, and his blood was sticky and shiny like resin. He carried the dead leopard on his shoulder, with its head missing and a sharp stone stuffed in its neck. Sheep began to move, began to eat grass, Industrial pallet rack ,warehouse rack manufacturer, sheep in the end is sheep, so good grass, eat gentle, but in the blink of an eye their belly is big, breasts are red and bright. Ma Buying carried the leopard back. The villagers were so frightened that they stuck out their tongues. The villagers couldn't figure out how the stone was stuffed in. Ma Buying said: "The stone has long wings, and when the arm is broken, the head of the leopard is smashed, and the stone builds a nest inside.". One day, the kite flew down from the top of the source to catch chickens. Ma Buying lifted a piece of rubble and knocked off half of the kite's wings. The kite could not fly and ran with bumps, just like an old lady with bound feet. All the birds of prey, such as kites and vultures, hid in the mountains and dared not come out. Later, he beat wolves, pheasants and hares with stones. A hundred paces away, the cunning hare, like the wind, could not be shot with a shotgun. As soon as he raised his arm, like a stone with eyes, he chased the hare and broke half of his skull with a bang. The old man said, "This child, like Deng Aishele, can hit people with flying stones. All the earth on the plateau can be used as weapons. In the future, all the children on the plateau will be his soldiers.". When the news reached the barracks, brigade commander Ma Bufang was very nervous. The officers and men are talking about it, and maybe there will be an accident. Ma Qi, the garrison commander, made a prompt decision to set up a new battalion and ordered Ma Buying to take office. That battalion of soldiers are all old, weak, sick and disabled, the gun is a broken gun, the horse is a horse. The garrison commander deliberately asked his son Ma Bufang to announce the decision at the officers' meeting, and everyone looked at Ma Buying strangely. The garrison was in a good mood and talked a lot in earnest. The old man talked about the past when they escorted Emperor Guangxu and the Empress Dowager to Xi'an. This was the most glorious thing in the old man's life. "When I crossed the Yellow River, I held the rudder with my own hands. The wind was strong and the waves were high. The boat swung on the top of the waves. The Empress Dowager Buddha sat in the sedan chair. When I went ashore, I lifted a sedan chair bar alone." The officers of Ninghai Town talked about it as usual, showing great envy and amazement. Nephew Ma Buying snorted, "How dare you sell pies to carry a sedan chair for that old woman?" The guard pulled his face down. "What's your nephew muttering about?" ① Selling pie: showing off. Dear Ah Da, when you were escorting the Empress Dowager, you were in your early twenties. You were a red-blooded hero. Why didn't you chop the old woman to protect Emperor Guangxu with a knife? Everyone's face turned white with fear. My nephew laughed. "When the Empress Dowager was visiting Xi'an, Yu Youren was a child studying. He dared to write to the governor of Shaanxi. He wanted the governor to take the opportunity to remonstrate and kill the Empress Dowager to protect Emperor Guangxu. You are not as good as a child studying in Shaanxi!" (2) Yu Youren: Shaanxi Anti-Qing Righteous Man, Commander-in-Chief of the Yasukuni Army, served as President of the Audit Court and President of the Control yuan of the National Government, and later died in Taiwan. The garrison commander was choked to roll his eyes and never mentioned that glorious history again. Ma Yingchang asked for a long vacation and went back to Shenma Valley to see the Grand Imam. The Grand Imam knew that he was buried in the dark clouds and could not see the brilliance of the silver moon. The Grand Imam said, "When the Prophet pointed with his hand,pipe cantilever rack, the dark clouds dispersed and the moon came out.". It is the best time for the sea to move in and splash. The prophet asked those who could do something to go to the desert, and the dry sand was the dew of life. The people of the Prophet came to live in the most desolate place in the world; the more desolate and dry the place is, the more fresh and bright the dew of life is. 。