"Bang, bang, bang" When it was still dark before dawn, Guo Chengfeng's door was knocked heavily several times. Who is it? Guo Chengfeng conveniently turned on the lamp. It's me There was a deep man's voice outside the door, and then there was a click, and the door had been pushed open. Lao Xiang, why are you back? As soon as Guo Chengfeng looked at the person, the tired look on his face immediately ran a lot. At this time, the man who appeared outside Guo Chengfeng's door with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses and a trace of fatigue on his face was Xiang Yiming, who had not appeared for many days. A while ago, Sun Peng and others did not notice the vision, not to the name of the game and others really converged, but began to investigate the real background of Sun Peng. Guo Chengfeng's power on this side of the city is beyond doubt, but I'm afraid it's not so easy to investigate Sun Peng's background so intuitively, because Sun Peng is in the school information office, but he just filled in a general address. Seeing Xiang Yiming come back at this time, Guo Chengfeng was overjoyed. Is there already a clue? Xiang Yiming closed the door behind him and sat down on the chair beside Guo Chengfeng's bed. He stretched out his arms and said, "Guo Shao, our worries are right this time. If we attack this boy, I'm afraid this will not be a bad situation for us alone. I'm afraid your father will be involved." "Who is that guy?" Guo Chengfeng was stunned. He knew that he would never underestimate anyone, nor would he do anything to boost other people's ambition and destroy his own prestige. He would say such a thing. Obviously, the other side did have the strength that he dared not underestimate. A city Sun family, do not know if Guo Shao has not heard of it? Frown at the name of the game. The Sun family? Guo Chengfeng stayed for a moment and shook his head after all. The existence of a special case like the Sun family, in the eyes of ordinary people, may be no different from the average family. At most, it looks like a big family. It is not comparable to the Liao family in Q city, so few people will pay attention to it. When he saw Guo Chengfeng's expression, he shook his head in his heart. He had only heard about the Sun family and had never touched it. If it hadn't been for a friend in the kungfu world who had mentioned it to him before, it was estimated that he would not have found anything even if he had entered the Sun family this time. Xiang Yiming is wandering in a city these days, and according to the address filled in by Sun Peng, Xiang Yiming has already locked the suspect. On the surface, the Sun family seemed to have no contact with officials and businessmen, and almost had a single family, but after investigation, Xiang Yiming found that this was not the case. During the visit, through the other party's speech and behavior, or after shallow contact with the Sun family, Xiang Yiming has learned that the Sun family's influence in a city is probably the same as that of the Liao family in Q city, ranging from high-ranking officials and tycoons to merchants and peddlers, which seems to be inextricably linked with the Sun family. That is really like the roots of the thousand-year-old tree, which are intertwined. After unreservedly telling Guo Chengfeng the information he had obtained, Narrow aisle rack , Guo Chengfeng's face was finally very ugly. Obviously, if the opponent was really at this level, it was really not something he could resist with a mere Guo family. Are you sure Sun Peng is the one from the Sun family? Guo Chengfeng is still holding a trace of luck about this. It's close to ten. Xiang Yiming nodded, "When I went to Sun's house that day, I beat around the Bush to find out if they knew Sun Peng. The man who was asked looked obviously abnormal. Later, he denied it, saying that he came to play soy sauce, and then no matter how I called him, he didn't look back." "Soy sauce?" Guo Chengfeng stunned, "this is too ridiculous, can it be more false?" "I think so too, so combined with all the signs, I infer that Sun Peng is a very high probability of the Sun family." Nod again to the name of the game. Depend on, really can't see, so a few years of hiding so deep, not obvious ah "Guo Chengfeng breathed a sigh of relief, if not to the game name this trip to a city, I'm afraid I stirred up a hornet's nest." Ha ha, may be the family heredity, their entire Sun family is so inconspicuous. "Xiang Yiming said," By the way, have you found anything? " During this period of time when Xiang Yiming left, Guo Chengfeng naturally would not be idle, and with his energy, it was no problem to want to monitor a person. When he heard Xiang Yiming's question, he said, "They seem to be applying for a martial arts school." "Martial Arts School?" Xiang Yiming was stunned. Well, it's all a bunch of messy rabble. Who knows what they're doing. Guo Chengfeng does not agree, his target is now only Sun Peng, as long as Sun Peng falls, other people are not a finger can pinch dead goods? "I think this may be an opportunity." Xiang Yiming's eyes brightened, "I think they are probably going to take part in the global sword discussion." Global Sword? Guo Chengfeng is at a loss again. What a strange noun. Xiang Yiming breathed a sigh of relief and briefly talked about the global sword. Guo Chengfeng immediately said, "What kind of opportunity is this?" "Although the global theory of the sword is known as the point to the end, but there is also a saying that the sword has no eyes, but anyone who goes to battle must sign a no-responsibility contract in advance, no matter what accident, will not be compensated, the other party will not be prosecuted, even if it is death," said to the game name, suddenly laughed. Guo Chengfeng is naturally not a person with a bad head, plus at the moment to the game name has said so clearly, if the reaction can not come over, it is really in vain to drink so many years of Melatonin. As soon as Xiang Yiming's words came out, the two of them immediately discussed with their eyes shining. It was not until more than two hours later that Xiang Yiming came out a little sleepy, and then went back to his room and fell asleep. It's a wonderful thing to come up with a perfect plan to solve the opponent without offending the powerful enemy. Xiang Yiming pondered and fell asleep directly. He has hardly had a full sleep these days, and after learning about the hidden strength of the Sun family, he rushed back in the starry night. It has to be said that he has placed the Sun Peng family in the same high position. omracking.com