Cheng Qiyun knew that he was telling the truth. He said that there were only more than two thousand capable people in the factory. Even if there were twenty thousand, the huge rivers and mountains could not be seen. The small Bazhou had never been the focus of their attention. In addition, after the three factories and one guard fell into the hands of Liu Jin, the inner factory must be careful and careful in the area near the capital of Hebei, in order to prevent people from discovering this mysterious force. That is, they have never put Bazhou in the eye, can not be a prophet. Why is it strange? Now because of anger Yang Ling is under house arrest, some blame is not human, so just slightly hum, no more words. But Yang Ling smiled gently. "I don't blame Zheng," he said. "Who would have thought that Liu Jin and I would be playing Tai Chi here, and that a popular revolt in Bazhou would affect the war situation?" Smiling slightly, he said thoughtfully, "It should have been properly arranged for the horse thieves to defect. I have tried my best to disperse them. But they are all local people in Bazhou. There are only a few hundred people in total. It's easy to divide them on purpose. It's a matter of time to get together.". It's easy. Alas, Zhang Mao is worth billions of yuan, and Liu Liu, Liu Qi, Xing Laohu and others also have families and property. When they have criminal records and are appointed to official positions, will they threaten thousands of people to rebel with only a few hundred people because they do not abide by military discipline? There must be something else in it. If I can find the reason for their rebellion, maybe it's the reason for my exoneration. "In that case," said Zheng Heyi, "I'll go to Bazhou right away. Be sure to get the real news. Yang Ling nodded, shook his head, closed his eyes and pondered for a moment. He said with a sigh, "If I could stay in Bazhou for a few more days, there wouldn't be such a disturbance. It's a pity that man is not as good as God. The Empress Dowager died suddenly,magnetic separator machine, leaving me only three days. I want to deal with all the corrupt officials in Bazhou in three days and appease the horse thieves in Bazhou.". Alas. Then he went to Beijing to deploy and deal with Liu Jin with all his strength. In the middle, there was a farce of choosing the emperor's son-in-law, Little Bazhou. Who would have thought that small Bazhou would make a big mistake. He took one look at Zheng Heyi and said, "You don't have to leave in a hurry. There will be two more people coming later. I'll arrange for you to go with them.". After a while, Song Xiaoai came in with two soldiers and said, "Guogong.". Although the two soldiers were dressed in ordinary clothes, their appearance was extraordinary and imposing, which did not match that of an ordinary soldier. A white face, beautiful eyebrows impressively is Xiao ride lieutenant Wu Hanchao,gold cil machine, the other is more burly, a little more calm than Wu Hanchao, is the head of the chief officer of the four armies outside the capital Xu Tai. The two of them stepped forward in unison and bowed to each other, saying, "My humble duty is to participate in the work of the General Guogong.". Yang Ling nodded and smiled at the two beloved generals and said, "You don't have to sit down.". When the two of them sat down, Yang Ling first said to Xu Tai, "I heard that the emperor ordered you to lead your troops to Bazhou to suppress the rebellion." Xu Tai had a straight back and put his hands on his knees. He had a completely military temperament. He replied respectfully, "Yes, I don't know what the deputy commander has to say." General Zhu Shou, the commander in chief of the four armies, is the present emperor, and the deputy commander in chief is Yang Ling, but the two generals have a lot of things to do recently, and the four armies are nothing important, just daily training matters, so they seldom come to teach. The former Neichang second file head Lian Delu is now in the Liaodong Army, while Peng Jizu is a lieutenant general under Xu Tai. Yang Ling said, sodium cyanide price ,coltan ore processing, "The people of Bazhou are fierce, and the people are martial. They have been raising horses for the imperial court for a hundred years. The people are very skillful in equestrian. I have seen with my own eyes more than a hundred horse thieves charge into battle with great momentum. As I expected, their fighting power is not lower than that of the Tartar fighters outside the Shanhaiguan Pass.". Although they are few in number, they are familiar with the local terrain and people. When you go to suppress bandits, you must not be careless. Ma Tai really didn't see the thousands of rebellious people in his eyes. Hearing Yang Ling's careful orders, he hurriedly said, "I obey your orders.". The emperor used the four armies, had personally summoned the humble position, to the humble position must quell the rebellion as soon as possible, many senior officials in the court accused the deputy commander of breeding evil, led the wolf into the house, and asked the emperor to investigate the responsibility of the deputy commander. Deputy commander in chief relieved, according to the humble position, the emperor is so careful, quell thousands of people on the use of the elite of the capital army, is to stop the rebellion as soon as possible, reduce the impact of this matter, turn a big thing into a small one, turn a small thing into a small one, in order to avoid the responsibility of Guogong. When I go to Bazhou, I will try my best to put down the rebellion as soon as possible and save the deputy commander from distress. Yang Ling nodded and pointed to Zheng Heyi, saying, "This is one of my subordinates, and you can take it with you.". I suspect Bazhou Xiangma fall and against, there must be hidden, you go here, try to find out the reason. As soon as Cheng Qiyun's eyes moved, she interrupted and said, "My Lord, if there is really something hidden about the rebellion of the horse thieves, we should find some people who know about it and come back to Beijing as witnesses. If the humble position is not bad, Liang Hong should be a person who knows the truth.". If the horse thieves rebel, there are other hidden reasons, such as being an official from a thief, being despised and coerced by others. Extortion of money, this kind of thing is a common occurrence, since Liu Jin wants to attack adults for this reason, empty words are unable to win the trust of people. Yang Ling woke up with a start. He pondered for a moment and said, "Yes, what I said is reasonable.". Xu Tai, Bazhou Tuiguan Hua Yu, is upright and loyal. If the horse thief is indeed blackmailed, he is forced to rebel again. You can invite Hua Tuiguan back to the capital as a witness. Yes, but it is said that the city of Bazhou has been lost, and the fate of Hua Tuiguan is unknown. If Hua Tuiguan is already in charge, who can still use him? "Those officials at both ends, now I am under house arrest, Liu Jin limelight again, I am afraid those officials may not dare to testify.". I have a great kindness to Mu Jing, a student in Gu'an County. If he knows the details, he will help me. Unfortunately, he may not know about Bazhou. Right. And Jiang Bin! Jiang Bin is looking for an old friend who is also Zhang Mao's cousin. He once helped me persuade Zhang Mao to surrender. If Zhang Mao rebelled again, he might know the reason. This man is not expected to rebel, and there is no news of his rebellion in the news sent back. You can act according to circumstances. If you can find him, you can be a favorable witness. If this person can't be found, then. You'll just have to play it by ear. Seeing Xu Tai go out with Zheng Heyi,Carbon in Pulp, Wu Hanchao said, "My Lord, what do you need to do?" 。