This is an irritable pain that lasts for a long time. I couldn't wake up. I just tossed and turned. There is a warm breath lingering around me in the dim light, which falls on my forehead and lips and makes me quiet gradually. Back to thirteen elder brother, Fujin this child is not enough, so nearly five months have not been pregnant. It's not that you can't keep it, but if you really want to be born, you must use up Fujin's physical strength. I'm afraid you'll worry about your life. What do you mean.. "This is the first sentence I heard when I woke up." Just take good care of Fujin's body, and I don't care about anything else. This is Yin Xiang's voice. The old minister will prescribe a prescription. The Imperial Physician is about to go out. Wait I turned my head. Are you awake? Is the pain better? Yin Xiang, sit here. I did not look at him, just facing the doctor: "Doctor, I want to keep this child." "This.." the Imperial Physician looked at Yin Xiang. " Nonsense! The child is gone. Ask the Imperial Physician to write a prescription quickly. He said with a straight face. You lied to me, I heard, or save, I want this child well, I want him to stay! I frowned and turned to the doctor. "Doctor, please help me save it!" Yin Xiang turned his head and winked at the Imperial Physician, waving him out. Then he held my shoulder in both hands and said, "Don't be self-willed. The child is gone. It's true that you take good care of yourself!" I hear you, the child is still here, I must have him! Even if I want to die, am I a person who is afraid of death? I just want him to be good! I'm hysterical. Will you let me live?! He suddenly roared, and I was so excited that I looked at his red eyes, and my heart was very sour, but there were no tears at all, as if I had dried up all my tears in the past few months. He shook us both, but I didn't respond, and my eyes were stuck in one place. He closed his eyes and held me in his arms, pressing my ear as if to whisper, "They're all gone, Ya-rou, they're all gone, do you understand?" I understand. How can I not understand? He has lost so much, dreams,Portable gold trommel, brothers, and perhaps even his beloved father. But Yin Xiang, because of this, I just want to give you a child, otherwise, what else can I do? After another heart-rending pain, I finally gave up this unknown life. At night, I leaned on his arms and asked, "Is it really gone?"? Why do I think it should still be there? It's the one that made me sad all day for a few months. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to wait for it to come out and teach it a good lesson. Yin Xiang played with my hair: "When the next child comes, you will teach me a lesson even now." I looked up. "Are you still going out?"? Are you still going to pick up Liner and them? "I'm going to beg the emperor's father. Maybe the emperor's father will send someone to bring them back. I won't go. I'll accompany you." Enduring his weakness, he sat up and faced him. This day is too hasty, I did not take a good look at him, he reduced a lot, a lot of tired expression, helpless eyebrows and eyes are still so firm, tin beneficiation plant ,chrome washing machine, let my heart that black cloud unconsciously fade. With a sigh, I exhaled the depression of the past few months, leaned on his shoulder and whispered, "I promise, I will not leave you, I promise you." "Ya Rou, come here, these are your fourth brother's filial piety, I said I am an old bone, also do not need to mend left and right.". "You've been weak since the first month. Take it back." De Fei pointed to a pile of boxes on the table and said. As soon as the child came, he let the mother talk about it. What he knew was that the child still had filial piety to see the mother. What he didn't know was that he thought the child was thinking about the good things here. I sat under the imperial concubine, stroking the embroidery thread, and said with a smile, "I wasn't so delicate, but last year I caught up with a lot of things in our house and lit a fire.". The child did not attend to come up to give the forehead Niang morning and dusk to set the province, but also let the forehead Niang so upset, the heart is not sorry. De Fei took a sip of tea and said, "Forget it. You've always been pitiful enough. Old Thirteen is not sensible, but he's making you poor.". If you want anything, just tell me. I'm not good enough, but you can make up for it. "I listened to the heart under some moved, to say that the German imperial concubine is really enough to me, aborted the child the next day, the German imperial concubine specially sent someone to send a milk.". No one in the palace had a share of milk except the emperor. Because the imperial concubine De preferred this, she was rewarded. As a result, she gave it to me again. Yin Xiang said that I had a good life. First, only the fourth sister-in-law gave me one when she gave birth to Honghui, and the fourteenth daughter-in-law didn't get it either. After that, he also asked me to come in from time to time, more or less to supplement, and gave me a lot of extra rewards during the Spring Festival. Thinking of this, I said to the imperial concubine, "I am grateful for the care of the thirteen elder brothers and the child.". In the past, the child was often self-willed, and also added anger to the forehead Niang, and the child was ashamed. Now that we are leading the idle imperial clan, we can still live a good life. Please don't worry. De Fei knew that I had mentioned the matter of Qiao Er. She smiled and pulled me to sit down. "Why do you say that? Although Lao Shisan is not my own, it is also his mother's instructions before she left. We have always been good friends, so naturally we do our best.". There is a lot of fate between you and me. Although you are not as steady and mature as your fourth sister-in-law, nor as clever as your fourteenth daughter-in-law, your face is annoying. Of course, there are royal women who compromise, but your mind is also rare. Ya Rou, don't blame Niang for being eventful. In the first few years, you suffered a lot from women's grievances, didn't you? If you don't make it convenient for yourself, who else can you count on? I nod: "The child obeys the forehead Niang to teach." De Fei stretched out her hand and pointed at my forehead. Suddenly she looked sad and said, "By the way, your father sent someone to take back the memorial tablets of the two maids. He especially told you to take them back.". Alas, heaven and man are separated forever. I'm afraid the excitement of the early years is gone.. "Yin Xiang opened a small Buddhist temple and put the memorial tablet of Xi Lin and Xi Hui in it.". In the evening, I walked in alone, cleaned my hands and burned incense,gold heap leaching, muttering to myself, "You two are really unkind.". Entrust me with such a troublesome man. I had hoped to chat with you when you came back to visit relatives, but you came back like this.