They looked at Emperor Ning, who was not sleeping well on the couch, and did not dare to move at all. All of them looked at Chen Yiling, who was standing by the wall. As soon as Chen Yiling rolled his eyes, he opened his mouth to Baohua and said, "After I have given you the needle, Your Majesty is already stable. If the princess wants to do her filial piety, it's all right." Only then did the palace people retreat sparsely, and Chen Yiling bowed his head and retreated after another injection for Emperor Ning, and closed the door of the palace. Baohua stroked the flushed face of Emperor Ning and sketched it carefully. This face was like his own, which was why Emperor Ning loved himself so much before. Some delicate, but not amazing enough. She never believed that her beloved father had personally killed her mother and concubine, and that she still had a love for Emperor Ning. On the couch, Emperor Ning began to sleep restlessly again, frowning, and scolding Xiao Jin's little beast in his mouth, saying that he would not die well. It can be seen that he hated Xiao Jin so much that he regarded him as a thorn in his heart and wished he would die. Baohua dipped the veil in cold water and put it on Emperor Ning's cheek to cool him down. Emperor Ning suddenly straightened up, waved his hand forward, opened Baohua's hand holding the veil, panicked, and shouted, "Don't come over, you betrayed me first." Baohua hurriedly pressed the body of Emperor Ning, trying to call the doctor who was guarding outside, but suddenly heard his next sentence. The body immediately off the force,Amber Dropper Bottles, fell to the ground, how to climb up, tears unconsciously a string of rolling down, the heart seems to turn upside down. There was a trace of blood in his mouth, a pain in his chest, a split in his head, and he could not think at all. Ning Di fell down with a thump and fell into a coma, completely unaware that he had just said the cause of Shu Fei's death. Baohua looked at him with resentment and indignation, then suddenly stroked his chest, sent out a burst of retching,Blue Bottle Serum, and his face turned red. Outside, there was a sound of greeting, "Wan Fei Empress Ann!" Chapter 55 Chapter 55 The door was rustling open, they dare not put down the face of the princess who lost her mother, but dare not put down the face of the glorious favorite concubine. Wanfei saw Baohua lying on the ground, her eyes red, tears sliding down one side to the marble floor tiles inlaid with golden dragon patterns in the hall, unaware of her arrival. She pursed her lips and smiled, with snowy skin and beautiful appearance, cloud sideburns and black hair, and an aqua blue skirt that dragged the floor, like a divine concubine coming to the world and illuminating a temple. Gentle and moving can make people easily put down their guard. She stepped forward to help Baohua, stroked the dust on her clothes, and said with a smile, "Princess Chunxiao must be worried about Your Majesty's illness." Baohua unconsciously leaned on Wan Fei's arms, completely unaware that this was the person she hated most except Zhao Guifei and Xiao Chengen. Concubine Wan took her to one side and sat down in an arm-chair. Holding her cold hand, she continued to open her mouth. She did not even look at Emperor Ning, Serum Bottle With Dropper ,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, who was in a coma. "I don't know if I should say something." Wan Fei paused and pinned a wisp of broken hair behind her ear. Wen Wan said, "There are so many people with your majesty in their hearts. Your majesty doesn't care about one more or one less." Then he looked at Baohua's expression and continued, "My concubine is also relying on Your Majesty's pity to survive in the palace.". I don't know when this favor will be gone. However, your majesty is your majesty after all, in the heart holds him, is our concubine room should, is which day your majesty wants to accept the concubine's base life, the concubine also can only accept. Baohua's eyes restored a trace of expression, straight Leng looked at Wanfei, wooden asked her, "I do not know what Wanfei Empress is going to say to the palace?"? Ben Gong. I didn't understand a word. Wan Fei was annoyed for a moment and covered her red lips lightly. "Oh!"! My concubine wanted to persuade the princess to be relieved, but she was wrong. Don't blame the princess. Baohua broke away from Wanfei's hand, took a deep look at her, and staggered out of the gate. All that echoed in her mind was what Wanfei had said, "He doesn't mind one more or one less." She also flashed her childhood memories, and Shufei smiled lovingly, holding her hand and teaching her to read and speak. She always said that the rabbit was a deputy, and Shufei smiled and nodded her forehead, scraped her little nose, and taught her to read over and over again. I had a hard time in the palace. At that time, Shu Fei was not a domineering Shu Fei, but a concubine of humble origin in the palace. In addition, she gave birth to a daughter, and her temper was gentle and submissive. Even the cook could step on her feet. At that time, Emperor Ning was still the ambitious King of Fengcheng. He was not in the house all day and was busy with his affairs. Even in the house, he had a new lover to accompany him. Sometimes the mother and daughter could not see him for a year. Male masters don't like them, and they often can't even eat a hot meal. Later, relying on Princess Showa, he managed to live a better life. As for her favor, it was only after her father had no children for many years that he gradually saw her. She was not always called Princess Baohua. She used to be Xiao Ningan, the concubine of Fengcheng Wangfu, who was teased by other concubines. After all, in her heart, the weight of the imperial concubine is heavier, compared to the father of the emperor who became a monk halfway. Yes, her father had so many people who were concerned about him, such as the concubines in the palace, the ministers in the court, and the common people. As far as he was concerned, those who were concerned about him were afraid that they were only objects in their hands, which would be destroyed if they said so. Even Wan Fei's favorite character was hard to escape, and she often felt that she was in danger, so what was her mother and concubine? Baohua walked forward with one foot deep and one foot shallow, and the little maid she brought trembled behind her, feeling that her master was going crazy. A snap, crisp to the ear, very pleasant to hear. On the bluestone slab, the white jade bracelet on Baohua's hand was thrown out and broken into two halves. Recently, Baohua was so thin that he didn't have much meat left. The bracelet was empty on his head. He was careful to protect it on weekdays. He walked so crazily that the bracelet was thrown out. The little maid of honor came forward to take back the broken bracelet, but was stopped by Baohua in a harsh voice. Baohua stared at the jade bracelet symbolizing love for a moment, then suddenly laughed wildly, looked up and clapped his hands, shouting in his mouth, "Good, really good!" Tears fell from the red corners of his eyes. Love lingering, affectionate,Glass Cosmestic Containers, really good ah! In vain the mother imperial concubine is deeply in love, the father emperor Xu's affection is so deep, the affection is deep enough to personally send her to the west. She vomited a stream of blood from her mouth and fell down.