"No way, I can grasp the clues, only you can have contact with the lighter, you recall, I only asked you to give the lighter to whom from beginning to end." "Good.." It seems so. "It's a pity you didn't say anything." Qin Shuang spread out his hands, "then I can only speculate that the lost lighter is your closest relative, either yuan Datou or Liang Luochuan.". In fact, I was also directly locked in the yuan big head, because in the information I collected, the relationship between you and Liang Luochuan is not very good, but I did not expect that he actually came to protect you in person, and very urgent, so my inference reached a deadlock, then I have no other way but to put you out, let you help me to find the next truth. "Me?" "You must know who took the lighter, as long as I let you out, the person you can't wait to find is likely to be the person who touched the lighter to a large extent, so you went to find the big head of the dollar, plus what he said, if you were me, would you catch it?" I.. I won't catch it! Qin Shuang disapprovingly, only smiled and said: "The mouth is hard." "Then if I had gone straight back to Liang's house, you would have taken my third brother away?" "That's not necessarily true." "Hi!" yuanbao rolled his eyes and said,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, "So that's all you are." "Do you think I dare not offend the Liang family, so I dare not take him?" "Then why are you?" "Because when Liang Luochuan came to protect you, I had already tried him." "What?"? Did you interrogate him, too? Why didn't he tell me? "It's not a trial, it's just a casual attempt." Qin Shuang said, "I think there are only two possibilities for him to take you back so urgently. First, he loves you and cares about you.". Second, he's afraid you'll spill the beans. So assuming it's the second reason, could he be the killer? So I used his urgent emotions to constantly stimulate and guide him,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, trying to get him to tell the details of Huang Laohan's death, such as the time or manner of death, but he did not understand me at all. Then I have come to two conclusions. First, he is not the murderer. Second, he is very cunning. So if you come home immediately after you get out of prison, I won't arrest him immediately. "Because.." yuanbao pressed his temple and felt a little pain in his brain. Whether he is a murderer or not, I have no direct evidence to prove that he killed, and the Liang family is not your mother's home, I can not casually go in to listen to the wall, then I can only send someone outside the door, looking forward to your warning. "Oh, oh, oh!" yuanbao loudly promised, in fact, completely did not understand, her head melon seeds can only understand, Glass Cream Jars ,oil dropper bottle, Liang Luochuan is not the murderer, but can not wait to protect her out, this is because of love. At this point, yuanbao's head was out of order. Qin Shuang continues to say again: "But your father yuan Datou also has a problem." Hearing Qin Shuang say that her father had a problem, yuanbao jumped out of what he had just said: "What?"? What's wrong with my dad? "I didn't mean that there was a problem, but that he didn't seem to be the real murderer of Huang Laohan." "Of course, he's not. He's just talking nonsense!" Qin Shuang shook his head and said, "Your father is too good at talking nonsense. He dares to talk nonsense about killing people." "When my father doesn't drink, no one is more reliable than him. When he drinks, there's no number at all!" Speaking of this gold ingot, he raised his glass and said, "Speaking of this, I have to propose a toast to you, Inspector Qin. Fortunately, you show mercy. I really thought you had to give him a big punishment!" "Oh, if that's the reason, it's not necessary." Qin Shuang said, "I think your father didn't have the nerve to say that I didn't torture him, but he was scared to pee as soon as he was tied to the scaffolding.". So in my opinion, the effect has been achieved, and there is no need to use torture. yuanbao's face turned white in an instant, and his hands trembled: "Inspector Qin, if I hadn't.." I I want to splash you! I hear you are a know-it-all. Qin Shuang lowered his head and smiled and said, "Anyway, I didn't wrong him, did I?" "What kind of skill is it for you to make a confession under torture?" "I didn't play either." Qin Shuang spread out his hands. "Then you too." You have gone too far to scare people! And put my dad.. I'm scared to pee! yuanbao knocked the wine cup on the table angrily and said angrily, "You say you, you are a little girl, you are white and clean, why are you so ferocious?"! Annoying "I don't want to. I can't help it. The murderer is too cunning to force me." Qin Shuang looked at her again and said, "Third Young Lady, do you know why I came to you and Third Master again about Li Gen this time?" "Why?"! Yeah, why? This time we just had a meal, why come to us again, Inspector Qin, tell the truth, are you just having a hard time with our family? yuanbao pounded the table angrily, and then filled his mouth with several mouthfuls of rice, "I shouldn't have invited you to dinner, I shouldn't have invited you!"! I ate it all, and there's nothing left for you! Qin Shuang was somewhat helpless. He shook his head with a smile and said, "Just eat.". Maybe when I'm done, you won't bother me. "Impossible!" The gold ingot gobbled it down hungrily. Do you know who killed Huang Laohan in the end? "Carpenter Liu!" "Is it?"? Did you see that? I saw it! I saw with my own eyes that he and Huang Laohan quarreled on the grave of Laolin in the north of the city, and I was almost killed by carpenter Liu! "That only means that carpenter Liu and Huang Laohan have contradictions, and carpenter Liu has the possibility of killing people." Gold ingot listens to this word not happy again: "What meaning?"? It means he's not the one who killed him, it's my dad! So you came to me and my third brother again, and then you took my father again! yuanbao said half and suddenly reacted to come over, "no ah, not to say Li Gen's thing, how to talk about Huang Laohan, in the end which case is it?" "A case." "What?" "I said that Li Gen and Huang Laohan are the same case. In fact,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, it's not just Li Gen and Huang Laohan. It should be said that Li Gen, carpenter Liu and Huang Lao Han died in the same case." yuanbao scratched the back of his head and was a little confused. "Is carpenter Liu dead, too?"? He's not.. The murderer? 。 penghuangbottle.com