I stepped back, gradually backward, back to my horse, and then turned on the horse, the horse's hooves were equipped with a ring of protection, for a moment, the sound of iron hooves hitting the ice lingered. Chapter 68 coming in the snow. After confirming our identities, people came out of the boulder circle one after another. These people were all tall and strong, and they were not easy to mess with. As far as the eye could see, there were hundreds of people. But our side only came out to explore, only a dozen people, obviously not the opponent of the other side. I thought about it for a moment and then looked to the northwest. Suddenly, I gave a big "Yi" and opened my eyes wide. "General Fu!" I said excitedly. After this sound, all the people in the room could not help but look to the northwest. Just then, I turned around on horseback. When a group of small soldiers behind me saw me like this, they immediately reacted quietly and followed me, running wildly. The snow was suddenly in a mess, and behind them came their roar and the incessant sound of hooves, which must have been their reaction. Unfortunately, it's already too late. As I galloped, I whispered to the team leader beside me, "Take the men to the valley just now. There's a landslide there. Let's stop the horse at the bottom and don't run out." He didn't know what I meant, but he went on as usual. Because we were against the wind, and the wind was too strong, the words seemed to be drowned in the water, vague and thick, and could not be heard without getting close, so the team behind us had no way to know at all, and they still drove their horses forward, vowing not to give up. Run Xu yuan, in front of the high exposed a little bit of sharp white, continuous, is the valley,30ml Dropper Bottle, at this time the landslide is still a little distance. When I was resting here, I noticed that there was a landslide here, which seemed to be very unstable. At this time, the Qin soldiers came in pursuit, just at this time, we could make good use of it. Suddenly I turned my horse around and stopped where I was, laughing loudly with all my strength: "Barbarians!"! It's time for you to die, and I've heard all the secrets! After hearing this, they flew into a rage and tried harder to whip the horse. The horse kept spitting out white gas from its mouth, and the white gas was melted by the cold wind, but it did not stop for a moment and could only be driven by its master. I turned the horse around again, and the front team was already under the landslide, and was circling around the landslide. With the thick iron on the horse's hooves, the force of the horse's hooves hitting the ground became thicker and thicker, and I felt the vibration of the ground from a distance. At the same time, Xiaoxue Peak seemed to be somewhat unusual, and I said in a voice we could hear: "You evacuate quickly!" Unexpectedly, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, there was a commotion in the procession: "The princess is the first step, and let us come to the rear, and come later." I raised my eyebrows and said rudely, "This is a military order!" They immediately kept silent, and more than a dozen horses circled in the snow and scattered under the leadership of the leader. The snow foam trampled by the horse's hooves was scattered on the ground, and there was dirty snow water under it. If my horse wanted to run in it, he would slip and fall without accident. I looked back and saw a large area of people riding black, their figures were close at hand, and their faces were full of angry expressions, which were not good. Seeing that there was still no movement at all, I was a little suspicious. Under normal circumstances, I could shout loudly, and there would be an avalanche. Today, there is such a loud noise, but it is still as stable as Mount Tai. So I shouted again with all my strength, "I'm leaving!"! Never see you again! When I said this, the people behind me could not sit still any longer and rushed forward to ride side by side with the leader. The original one person took the lead and became a dozen people took the lead. When the time came, I stepped on the horse and tightened the reins. As soon as they came, I galloped. When they couldn't live, I still had a chance of survival. There was more and more snow in the air, and the snow was getting heavier and heavier. The snow fell on the horse and dyed the mane into a snowy color. It was white and cold everywhere. My hand holding the reins seemed to be losing consciousness. In the heavy snow, I seemed to see General Fu coming towards me. His armor was silvery white. As soon as the snow fell, it almost merged with this white world. It was as cold as this world. However, his smile seemed to be fixed on that autumn day. His lips were slightly raised. The vast snow melted into his eyes and turned into a bottomless spring. He said to me with a smile, "Who does the princess want to beat?"? At the end of the day, I will beat you. In a trance, I had only one thought in my mind: the avalanche is coming, and he must not come over. "General Fu!" I called. At the moment when I was in a trance, the Western Qin barbarian was already in front of me. When he heard this, he laughed loudly and said, "Do you still want to cheat us?!" The broadsword comes with a white blade and a blue sword light. Someone called me, "Miss Ji." Then my men were quickly pulled away from the horse's back into a warm, fresh embrace. A snowflake fell on my face and then melted. I looked up and saw the silver-white armor, the eyes of the deep pool without waves, and a faint smile. I called out softly: "Fu Kui.." Unfortunately, my horse died under the knife of the barbarian. I heard the sound of a very broken silk coming from the mountain. The tight strings in my brain broke in an instant. I wanted to shout loudly to go quickly, but my throat seemed to be covered by ice and snow, and I couldn't make a sound. After that, I watched the Western Qin barbarians step by step under his threat out of the encirclement, also out of the disaster, and then watched the snow peak on the tip of the trembling snow, like broken cherry blossoms, piled up in piles, gradually forming a snowball, but at this time, at the critical moment, the snowball is farther and farther away from me, it seems to roll smaller and smaller. And eventually disappeared out of my sight. The sound of the horse's hooves echoed in the empty valley after the avalanche. In front of the horse, I shrank into the arms of the man behind me. Suddenly I smiled and said deliberately, "Bold!"! How dare I call the princess by her first name! The sound of "Miss Ji" just now was really heard by me, and there was no fake. He just smiled and said, "The princess doesn't like to hear it, so she won't call it in the future.". I said,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, "Whatever you call it, I'll answer it." I said, "But I think I'll have to ask you to disappear in the future. What do you think?" 。 penghuangbottle.com