Then Lin Yu quickly jumped to the driver's seat of the Ferrari, and the woman quickly opened the side door and sat in the co-driver's seat. Then he shouted, "Drive quickly!"! They're coming! In fact, without her shouting, Lin Yu had already seen the gang running after him in the rearview mirror. He was even shocked to find that a man in black had reached into his arms and pulled out a pistol. No, there's a gun! The surprise was no small matter, but Lin Yu, who had originally regarded the escape as a game, immediately felt a chill in his heart. When several men in black were five or six meters away from the car, Lin Yu finally completed the step of putting into gear and stepped on the accelerator. But after stepping on it, Lin Yu immediately regretted it because it was different from the car he had driven before. After stepping on the accelerator, the red Ferrari went out like a rocket. At this moment, Lin Yu could clearly feel his body drifting backwards. Fortunately, there was a chair, otherwise he would have been thrown out of the car. Even so, a strong sense of excitement still arises spontaneously. Lin Yu seems to have found the pleasure of playing video games in the street. But he knew very well that it was not a game now, so the tension in his heart was particularly strong. Because after one foot on the accelerator,S Adenosyl Methionine, the speed of Ferrari has increased to about 150 kilometers per hour in ten seconds. This is very dangerous in the street at night, and if you are not careful, you will definitely hit someone. Fortunately, the audience who watched the concert did not leave, otherwise they would have lost their lives. Fortunately, the stadium in Bincheng is a relatively remote area, very few cars on the streets at night,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and occasionally you can see a few cars passing by. At the same time, at the corner in front of them, Liu Jiaoyang was driving his newly bought Passat B5 with Wang Hailong and two girls. Because there's a red light ahead and they're stopping to talk about nightclubs. Look at that red car! It's so fast! The pretty girl sitting in the co-driver's seat was suddenly surprised. What a fuss! Liu Jiaoyang replied indifferently and then turned to look at the past. He saw a flash of red lightning in the blur, only to feel that the driver seemed familiar. But the speed was too fast for him to see. Damn it! Isn't that Lin Yu driving the car! The big childe is the big childe is too handsome. At this time, Wang Hailong, who was sitting in the back seat, suddenly shouted in amazement. Sleeve Zhong Rui Cut Deng Pai Pure Drum Yun Ci Kui Jun Stretch Kui Widow Kui Nai Shi Fuse Amine Fall Dusk Kui Pu Ya Dishonor Ji Kui Badger Health? "Of course, I saw clearly that I used to be a sniper in the army, and my eyesight was definitely ten times stronger than that of ordinary people!" Wang Hailong proudly said that he did not forget to take advantage of the yellow-haired girl around him. Wow, this black car is so fast! The yellow-haired girl who was touching her thigh opened her eyes and shouted loudly. Sure enough, a black Mercedes was also speeding at a very fast speed. Seeing this scene, Liu Jiaoyang said ostentatiously, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Thyroid Powder Factory, "Look, this is the best playboy's favorite game, drag racing!"! It's so cool to watch. !” After he said so, several other people all emerged a look of envy. They never thought that Lin Yu was a little confused at this time. His fastest car before was only 130, and now the Ferrari has accelerated to 180 per hour, and he feels a little out of control and is in danger of crashing and killing people at any time. Faster. Faster. We're going to get caught up. When Lin Yu felt the rapid secretion of adrenal hormones, the woman beside him urged him to get up. He looked in the rearview mirror and sure enough, there was a black Mercedes chasing them menacingly. If it's faster, the probability of an accident will be greater, and if it's slower, it will be caught up. What can I do? It's bad luck to meet such a thing. Lin Yu, who saw someone pulling out a gun, was puzzled. But just then a figure appeared in the street in front of him, looking like a young man. Not good Lin Yu's heart was directly in his throat. Chapter 108 speed and passion. Watch out! There's someone up ahead! The woman beside Lin Yu screamed and then turned her face and dared not look again. In fact, there was no need for her to remind Lin Yu that he had already seen the figure in front of him, but he did not know whether the figure would move forward or back or stay where it was in the next moment. In ancient India, there is a saying in the Law of Advocating Only: One moment is one thought, and twenty thoughts are one moment, and twenty moments are one snap of a finger. Because the speed of the Ferrari sports car is too fast, the time left for him to make a decision is only about a snap of a finger. His only choice is to remain left and right. If it deviates to the left, it is to choose the front of the figure. Key moment according to their own judgment, Lin Yu suddenly a cross heart. Shout: "Then let's compete for speed!" At the same time, he raised the gear to six and then stepped on the accelerator to the bottom, almost directly to the fuel tank. In an instant, the red Ferrari was like inserting wings or pressing nitrogen to accelerate to more than 220 kilometers per hour. When the figure in front of him was already scared silly, he chose to lean to the left and rushed directly before the man, and the distance between them was less than one meter. After the red Ferrari rushed over, the young man, who was so frightened that he collapsed on the ground, murmured, "This is not driving too fast, but flying too low!" Lin Yu, who watched the street lamps, telephone poles and trees fall back quickly and felt that he was flying, had forgotten his fear. He remembered a sentence from Fast and Furious: Close your brain and start the motor to enjoy the "cool" of high-speed galloping! " At the strong roar of the motor, he turned on the CD in the car. Coincidentally, the first song played in the CD was "race wars" from "fast and furious". Accompanied by exciting music, Lin Yu drove onto the coastal highway at a corner. He knew that there were almost no people and cars on the highway at night. Keep the speed above 200 kilometers per hour for about a minute. Lin Yu looked in the rearview mirror again and found that the black Mercedes Benz had disappeared. At this time, he breathed a sigh of relief and slowly reduced the speed to about 70 kilometers per hour. After the car slowed down, Lin Yu found that his clothes had been soaked through,D BHB Factory, and his whole body was as weak as collapse, and he felt particularly tired mentally. The woman on the copilot looked at the front like a fool, obviously frightened by the high speed just now.