For a moment, a very sour mood welled up in the young boy's heart, his eyes suddenly sour, the whole person is somewhat dull. In the brain actually repeatedly rotates a sentence-Cao Aiqing, really came. As he promised, he really came! Finally, he's safe. He took a deep breath, his voice was dry and hoarse, and he forced himself to say, "Cao Aiqing, please come in." Then he saw the soldier outside the door sideways out of the way, a tall figure entered against the light, he was dressed in armor, kneeling in front of him, "Your Majesty, I am late to save you, I am guilty." "Cao Aiqing is not guilty." The child said word by word, and finally he put up with it and said in a trembling voice, "Cao Aiqing came to look for me. I'm very happy." Cao Cao slightly one Leng, raised his face, see only thirteen years old little emperor hungry cheeks are sunk down, at the moment looking at his eyes red, his heart a little soft, think of this little emperor these days must be hard, paused, or said a sentence if others hear must scold him over the distance. "Well done,Glucono Delta Lactone, Your Majesty." He kowtowed, "I am incompetent." Because of this sentence, the little emperor's tears, which had been held back for a long time, finally fell down. He staggered to his feet, endured the pain in his feet, and walked up to Cao Cao. He was not very old, but he was slightly taller than Cao Cao when he stood in front of him. Liu Xie stretched out his hands covered with small wounds to help Cao Cao up, and then stood with his hands down, but his eyes,Heme Iron Polypeptide, which had just shed tears, were shining. I remember what Cao Aiqing said. He said it word for word. Across the void, the mountains and rivers and the earth can not wait, but can wait for me. Cao Cao smell speech with a smile, will be the next sentence up. "For a long time, there is no basis for the past and the present, but only for the present." He bowed to the little emperor and said, "Your Majesty, you are wise." The author has something to say: The last two sentences are from Yang Changji's article "To the Students": "I have tried to say: The horizon is empty, the mountains, rivers and the earth have nothing to rely on, but only I can rely on; the vertical is a long time of plunder, the past and the present, there is nothing to rely on, but only the present." It probably means that the mountains and rivers have nothing to rely on, and the only thing I can rely on is myself. In fact, all the knowledge in history can not prove that this is 100% correct. You must analyze and think about it in the light of your current situation. That's almost what it means. It is said that everyone has a different understanding of this sentence in different periods, especially the two different interpretations of "rely on" and "rely on". For example, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Kava Root Extract, the understanding of Grandpa Mao (this Mr. Yang Changji is Grandpa Mao's teacher and the father of Grandpa Mao's wife Yang Kaihui) is that I am the one who can change the world, and theory must be combined with practice. Yes, it is the source of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The author accidentally saw this sentence, feeling. My mom, she is so handsome, so handsome! The momentum is super grand! This is what Cao Cao wrote on the glutinous rice paper to the little emperor before. It's a foreshadowing from a long time ago. What he means is, Your Majesty, you have to rely on yourself, and you have to make a concrete analysis of the situation. Opportunities are for those who are prepared. It is almost similar to the meaning of "God saves the self-rescuer". So the little emperor tried to kill Dong Zhuo himself. And now the little emperor has found a way to escape by himself. In history, the little emperor also escaped by himself, but mainly with passivity, that is, others said to him, "Shall we escape?" Emperor is actually very smart, smart from an early age, Dong Zhuo or Li jue Guo, in fact, he has resisted several times, although the history does not seem to be out of any spray, (mainly he met is pit goods) even if he met Cao Cao, he is not without resistance, but failed. Had it not been for the fact that man was not as good as God, Liu Bei had just been sent out at that time, and I estimated that there was still a chance of success. In fact, I personally like this kind of emperor whose life is more than resistance. It's better than uniting foreigners in order to stabilize the regime. Think about it carefully, if this Ya is not encountered Cao Cao this kind of evil level, may be the same as Han Wudi, Ming Shenzong, Yingzong and so on. But because of the glutinous rice paper, the little emperor was awakened. Well, the future will be different. Chapter 108 Three Kingdoms (39). In Cao Cao to meet the little emperor all the way to Luoyang, Xia Enron here also received a message from Xun Yu, ordered him to prepare some supplies to Luoyang. This makes Xia Enron a little surprised, he thought Cao Cao would directly with the little emperor to Xu county, unexpectedly is not? Is Cao Cao don't agree to flatter your majesty? Or was there another accident? This he is really some think impassability, but he also don't think much, since Xun Yu let him send some supplies he sent it, as for what to send, although Xun Yu didn't say, but Xia Enron thought in the heart can't appear we Yanzhou and state is very rich, otherwise after the little emperor think of me so poor, you are so rich is how to return a responsibility, as the saying is not said, money can't show white. He calculated the number of people there, and then according to Cao Cao's official registration of arable land, and subtracted a few percentages as the loss of disaster, and then calculated and calculated, calculated a relatively safe value, prepared corn and some flour, dried fish, thought about it and then let people add some fried and air-dried locusts.. Oh, no, the flying shrimp went in. He thought very well that this could extend the matter of eating locusts to Luoyang. After all, Luoyang is the economic and cultural center, and it is at the forefront of the Dynasty. If eating flying shrimps can really become a trend, maybe people will spontaneously catch locusts? Then it is very likely that locusts will soon become a disaster that requires artificial breeding! Hey! Hey, hey,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, hey. Xia Enron, who was thinking like this, did not know how much shock these supplies had caused after they were sent to Luoyang. Especially how much the little emperor was shocked.