The UAE is the Middle East's largest business centre, a popular offshore jurisdiction and a favourite holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. All this makes the vending business in the UAE a promising and fast-growing destination freezone business setup in uae

Apart from the usual payment terminals, vending machines selling coffee, snacks, refreshments and the like, one can also find quite unusual vending machines in the Emirates.

For example, Gold to go, which offers to buy gold bars weighing up to 1 kg. The process of buying gold from this machine is very simple - you choose the weight of the bar and pay for it.

There are plenty of places to install the vending machines in the UAE thanks to the developed infrastructure. There are a lot of business centres, hotels, banks, shopping malls, educational institutions, major airports, clinics - the choice is quite wide.

Pros and cons of the vending business in the UAE

Let's start with the advantages:

Minimum staff. Quite enough technician involved in servicing machines, an accountant and a driver who delivers goods;

Working around the clock. Vending machines will operate at weekends, and on holidays, and for this you will not have to pay extra, as in the case of the sellers;

The human factor is eliminated. The vending machine will not be rude to customers, will not make a mistake with the change, will not go on sick leave or holiday;

No advertising costs. If you start a vending business in the UAE, you can forget about advertising costs. If installed in the right place, vending machines advertise themselves;

You don't need a cash register. All financial accounting is done through the payment system installed in the machine;

Small start-up capital and quick payback. If you start with a small number of vending machines in the UAE, you will need a relatively small amount to start with. At the same time, the money invested will already pay off quite quickly, depending on the goods sold and the location.

However, the vending business in the Emirates has disadvantages:

The risk of breakage. Even the most expensive vending machines (as well as any technique) can fail, bringing the business losses;

Dependence of profits on the location. The success of vending business in the UAE largely depends on how well-located the vending machines will be;

The need for constant maintenance. Vending machines need to be refilled regularly and cleaned from time to time - all this takes time and costs.