Beliv The alteration of the diagnostic criteria of the previous Beliv avis classification concerns factors 2. as well as 3. Fasting blood glucose levels required to be greater than or equivalent to 140 mg/dl. The value has been minimized so that in pharmacies you can discover countless cases of undiagnosed diabetes until problems arise. The 2 hour blood glucose review throughout the price intolerance examination necessitated another Beliv blood glucose check forum. 


Essentially, the new classification is based on finding Beliv forum opinions diabetic pathology problems that appear early even with diagnostic blood glucose values ​​of the previous category.Medical diagnosis for forum impaired sugar tolerance (IGT).According to the new requirements, notice the diagnosis of IGT is made if:.Fasting blood glucose less than 126 mg/dl;.2 hour blood glucose throughout the resistance test greater than or equivalent to 140 mg/dl and less than 200 mg/dl. Again, do not eat lowered blood sugar, as well as subsequent blood sugar dimensions were requested after dental loading. Diagnosis of impaired fasting glycaemia (IFP). It is defined by a fasting blood glucose level greater than or equivalent to 110 mg/dl but well below 126 mg/dl. 


Diabetic gestational mellitus issues. The requirements remain unchanged. testimonial All testimonialBeliv composition pregnant women should perform a dental dose of 50 grams of glucose during the 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy, followed one hour after the blood sugar decision. Beliv The examination can be performed at any time of the day, regardless of the composition of the dishes. If the blood sugar is greater than or equivalent to 200 mg/dl, a dental examination for sugar tolerance at 100 grams should be carried out, with 3 measurements at one hour intervals. 

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