Thermal foils are opaque sheets that can be printed on paper in any shape or text you indicate in your design. Hot foil is better for text or shapes and minimal designs. This technique is the first choice for many looking for a clean, professional finish. Hot foil can be used in combination with embossing to create a tactile effect that cold foil cannot.

  Cold perming is an increasingly popular technique. The technique uses a thin metallic layer on top of the paper with ink printed on the foil. The metallic layer passes through the ink, giving everything a glossy and reflective quality. The main benefit of cold foil is that it can give photographic images a shimmery effect, whereas hot foil is limited to one color. If your design has a variety of gradients, shading, and tinting, we recommend using cold foil.

  Hot stamping foil hot stamping technology is a special printing process without ink. It uses a stencil installed on the hot stamping machine with the help of certain pressure and temperature so that the printed matter and the hot stamping foil are pressed against each other in a short period of time. The metal foil or pigment foil is transferred to the surface of the hot-printed product according to the image and text of the hot-stamping stencil. The product pattern processed by the hot stamping process has the characteristics of clear, beautiful, wear-resistant, and weather-resistant, and can improve the grade of the product.

  The hot stamping process is also called hot stamping or hot anodized aluminum foil. Anodized aluminum is composed of five layers of different materials, the first layer of the base film layer, the second layer of the peeling layer, the third layer of the coloring layer, the fourth layer of aluminized layer, and the fifth layer of the hot melt film. The hot stamping principle is that when the anodized aluminum is heated, the second layer is melted, and then the fifth layer is also melted. During stamping, the hot-melt film layer adheres to the substrate, the third layer is separated from the first layer, and the aluminized layer and the coloring layer are separated. remain on the substrate.

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