Final Fantasy XIV, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) published and developed by Square Enix. The game takes place in a fictionalized world of Eorzea. Players are tasked to escape the apocalypse and then rebuild the Eorzea while dealing with other threats surrounding the land. 

This multiplayer fantasy game is available on various platforms, including - Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, OS X, and PlayStation 5. The original game was released in September 2010. 

Final Fantasy XIV has several guilds, most of which require fighting in the adventure land. But if you think it's time you take a break from all the fighting and do something fun and non-fighting task, then Culinarian is the job you should go for. Cooking can be peaceful and fun at the same time. There are 90 levels, and reaching them won't be that easy. But it's not impossible, and when you reach the pinnacle, your Free Company associates will be lining up for the best foodstuff. Your treasury will be overflowing with personal sales.

Getting Started with Final Fantasy XIV Culinary

Culinarians rule the culinary world, preparing every known consumable in Eorzea. These great chefs, armed with a plethora of ingredients from throughout the realm and versed in ways from the remote reaches of Hydaelyn, assist adventurers in maintaining their strength on the battlefield.

Limsa Lominsa has the richest culinary legacy of any Eorzean city-state, owing to its proximity to fertile regions and copious waters and its position as the realm's main trading port. A Culinarian will prepare rich, delicious cuisine for the adventurers to enjoy. In addition, Eorzea's food feeds the stomach and improves stats and skills, making the Culinarian an indispensable community member.

Unlocking the Culinarian class is simple, as it is with most Disciple of the Hand classes. All you have to do is go to Limsa Lominsa's Culinarian's Guild. There is only one requirement: you must be a level 10 or higher Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic.

If you're just starting in Limsa Lominsa, you can run into the guild before you can qualify for it. However, reaching level 10 in a fighting role does not take long. You only need a few hours to play the game at a typical, friendly pace. If you chose Ul'dah or Gridania, you're unlikely to reach Limsa Lominsa before reaching job level ten, making the requirements appear non-existent.

Final Fantasy XIV Culinary

Reaching Level 20

You start at level one, and there is a plethora of tasks that will take you to the next levels in a quick time. But it might be hard to level up when you are a beginner, no matter how easy the quests are. So here, we will discuss the best quests you can complete to reach Level 20 and higher as soon as possible.

Quest Name

Quest Item


My First Skillet

Maple Syrup


A Treat of Trout

Grilled Trout


Dodo It Yourself

2x Grilled Dodo


On a Skewer Tip

Meat Miq'abob


Releasing a Burden

Dried Plums


These will be the first five quests you will encounter while training for the Culinarian Guild. Aside from guild objectives, you should make the most of the Culinarian's Guild's NPC supplier and your wanderings through the world. Reaching level 20 can be a breeze with a small investment in crucial elements that pay off handsomely. After all, each time you create a dish, you get experience!

Consider dressing appropriately for some key enhancements that will lessen your Culinarian workload. We concentrate on armor sets since merchants that offer them will also sell equivalent quality tools and accessories. There are plenty of different armor sets available to choose from. For these key enhancements, you can also use Gils, which you can get for real money.

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Don't limit yourself when it comes to the armor. It will only help you level up faster. Again moving on to the next levels, let's discuss how to reach level 40.

Reaching Level 40

Quest Name

Quest Item


Winning Friends with Aldgoat

Aldgoat Steak


The Chefsbane Cometh

Smoked Raptor


Of Cooks and Books



Diplomacy of the Skillet

Blood Currant Tart, Pastry Fish, Chamomile Tea


 There are no restrictions in deciding which ones to perform, so you can choose which ones sound the simplest. In addition, Limsa Lominsa has a variety of leveling groups for Leves. For example, Quarrymill has level 20 leves, Quarrymill has level 25 leves, Costa del Sol has level 30 leves, the Observatorium (in Coerthas) has level 35 leves, and Whitebrim has level 40 leves (also in Coerthas).

Final Fantasy XIV Culinary Level Up

Reaching Level 60

Levels above 50 up to 55 are slow and boring. But you can get through them as soon as possible, so you won't lose interest. Go all in on leves. Most of them are found in Foundation, which makes sense given that this is the moment the primary story switches focus to Ishgard. Grinding here will get you a few levels in a matter of hours, but combining it with Supply and Provision Missions will cut that time in half or more. Obtain a Company-issued Engineering Manual Two for a 150 percent increase at level 50. Here are some of the quests that you will encounter during the gameplay.

Quest Name

Quest Item


A Taste of Home

Dzemael Gratin


Revenge of the Chefsbane

Eft Steak, Beef Stew, Trapper's Quiche, Crowned Pie


Wait on Me



A Spoonful Less Sugar

Ishgardian Tea, Sohm Al Tart


Looking for Some Hot Stuff

Beet Soup, Kaiser Roll, Grilled Sweetfish


Love Meat Tender

Cockatrice Meatballs


The Spirit of Hospitality

Morel Salad, Deep-fried Okeanis, Marron Glace


These levels are not easy and shouldn't be taken lightly. You might be a good culinarian, but you must surpass your current limit and do something better.

Reaching Level 80

You'll need a modest stack of Commercial Engineering Manuals handy between levels 60 and 70. The Crystalline Mean plots, including Bethric's, are very entertaining. Bethric is in charge of both Culinarians and Alchemists. There's nothing particularly novel about how Stormblood presents itself in this sense, and as a bonus, Kugane's gear seems to align with the duties ahead of you far better than Ishgard did. Crafting job quests in Shadowbringers were consolidated into five NPCs at the Crystarium, each of which shares various classes within their questlines. Here are the quests that you will be looking for.

Quest Name

Quest Item


Rice to the Occasion

Doman Rice Balls


A Broth from the Brine

Doman Udon Broth


Teach a Man to Make Fish



The Way to a Father's Heart

Doman Sukiyaki


The Crystalline Mean




Final Fantasy XIV Cooking

Reaching Level 90

As of writing this article, Studium Deliveries is the only path to reach the final level 90. It is the shortest and the only path you would take to complete your journey. Endwalker's version of Shadowbringers' crafting questlines follows the same rules exactly. You track down the corresponding NPC and cook up a storm for them, assisting them with their story shenanigans and earning a lot of respect.

Debroye in Old Sharlayan is your target. You must advance Endwalker's main scenario quests a few levels before you can access her questline. Debroye, like Bethric, is the woman of the hour for Alchemists, so if you want to level multiple Disciples of the Hand, you'll spend a lot of time with her. Apart from these things, you will also have weapons and other stuff that will assist you in reaching these levels.