Motherhood Hospital is a hospital chain that provides extensive women and children health care services. They are known for their efficiency, homely environment, and drive to improve every facet of a woman's life. Motherhood has a group of experienced doctors who ensure the good health of both mother and baby. Services like Internal Growth Scan in Pregnancy, which helps to decide the delivery type, are provided here.

Fetal Growth Scan 

As the due date approaches and the pregnancy progresses towards the final trimester, about 28-32 weeks of pregnancy, everyone is anxious and thrilled to meet the little one. At this point, the doctor may recommend doing a fetal growth scan, allowing the parents and doctors to glance at the baby's growth.

A growth scan is usual during the onset of the third trimester, which is between 28-32 weeks of pregnancy, to assess the development and well-being of the baby. An ultrasound determines the amount of amniotic fluid in the womb and the position of the placenta. It gives a 2-D, black-and-white image of the baby.

When to do a Fetal Growth Scan?

A growth scan is to be done during the third trimester, between 28 and 40 weeks of gestation, to determine the baby's growth inside the womb. Doctors recommend two scans; the first growth scan happens around 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. The second growth scan is done closer to the due date, between 36 and 40 weeks of gestation, along with colour Doppler studies, which examine the baby's position; this decides the type of delivery.

Importance of Fetal Growth Scan

A fetal growth scan confirms the baby's normal development inside the womb during the onset of the third trimester. A growth scan is essential as it checks the following-

·         Monitors

An Internal Growth Scan in Pregnancy checks the baby's health by monitoring its breathing, movement and stretching.


·         Position of Placenta 

It inspects the position, as it shouldn't be too low or too high, and the maturity of the placenta. 

·         The volume of Amniotic Fluid

Growth scan assists in determining whether the amount of amniotic fluid in the womb is enough for the baby to be comfortable.

·         Blood and Nutrition supply

The growth scan inspects for standard blood supply to the umbilical cord and placenta, ensuring proper oxygen and nutrients supply to the baby in the womb.

·         Weight and size of the baby

It lets us know about the position and weight of the baby. It is essential to check the size because if the baby is too big, there are chances the mother has gestational diabetes. However, if the baby is too small, it indicates less oxygen and nutrient supply. 

·         Position 

It is essential to know about the position of the baby as it helps to determine the type of delivery. For standard delivery, the baby should be in a head-down position.

Final Words

Therefore at Motherhood, a team of experienced doctors will give you expert assistance. Here you will get high-class Obstetric services which include Antenatal care (before birth), Intrapartum care (during labour and delivery), and lastly, Postnatal care (after birth).