Review of the Yamiry Biometric Smart Door Lock

Home is where the heart is, or at least that’s how the saying goes. It’s where you sleep at night, and it’s where your family sleeps. No matter what you’re dealing with out in the world, it’s a place of security and comfort. At least, it’s supposed to be. To make sure it really is that way, you have to actually take steps to make it safe.To get more news about high security lock manufacturer, you can visit official website.

One of the most important things you can do is to make sure you have a good quality lock. After all, your front door lock is the main way you have of keeping unwanted people out. More than just about any other security feature, you want to make sure your lock is as robust as possible.
That said, modern locks have come a long way from what they used to be. Not that long ago, a deadbolt was pretty straightforward. You had the bolt running out the side, and a lock cylinder in the center.
To open or close the lock, you inserted a key and turned it. This is still a standard design, and it’s pretty popular. But with the power of modern technology, smart door locks have a whole lot more to offer. With electronic features, you can open your lock without the need for a mechanical key. Biometric measures, keypads, and fobs are all easier to use than an ordinary key.
Yamiry Biometric Smart Door Lock
Now, we’re going to review the Yamiry Biometric Smart Door Lock. This is a powerful smart lock with multiple opening methods. You can use a fingerprint, a key fob, a numeric code, an app, or a physical key. It’s also very easy to install, and the handle can even be reversed for left- and right-hand swing installations.

Of course, these are just a couple of the features we should look for on a quality smart lock. We’ll have to look at the physical design and the overall aesthetic. We’ll need to look at how effective the lock is, and how well the battery performs. If that’s not enough, we’ll have to talk about the connectivity, and how you use the app. When we’ve factored in all of those things, we’ll be able to deliver a verdict. Let’s get started!
Design & Aesthetics
The Yamiry Biometric Smart Door Lock consists of two plates: an interior and an exterior one. Both plates are tall, slim, and rectangular, at 7.48 inches high and 2.75 inches wide. And at only three quarters of an inch thick, they don’t stick out too far. They also have rounded corners and edges, which gives the lock a nice, clean look.

There are two different color schemes to choose from, depending on your preferences. The first is a simple blacked-out aluminum, with a smooth matte finish. The second has silver highlights at the bottom of the exterior plate and at the tips of the handles.The outside plate sports a 10-digit keypad at the top, plus “*” and “#” signs. The buttons are touch-sensitive, with white characters that show up well against the black surface. The handle is directly underneath, with the thumbprint reader positioned right on the front. On the bottom part of the plate, facing the ground, there’s a mechanical keyhole, as well as a USB port.

The inside plate has a similar design, with a square plate and a handle. The top half is entirely bare, which gives it a nice clean look. The face of the top portion slides out easily to reveal the internal battery compartment.

This is a beautiful design, and it’s well-suited for many homes. But what if you want something even simpler? In that case, consider the Lockly Flex Touch. It has a smaller design, and looks almost exactly like a traditional deadbolt. There’s a small fingerprint reader under the main cylinder, but fewer opening options.
Installation & Location
Installing the Yamiry lock is pretty straightforward. Assuming your door is already pre-drilled, all you need to do is use a screwdriver. Uninstall your old lock, then screw this one back into place. During the process, you can reverse the handle, so it can be installed left- or right-handed. Moreover, it fits doors between 1-3/8 and 2 1/8-inch thick.This lock has a weather-resistance rating of IP66. The first “6” indicates the highest possible level of dust-resistance. If you wanted to use it on Mars, you could. The second “6” indicates a high level of water-resistance. It’s not submersion-proof, but it doesn’t need to be. And short of full submersion, it can withstand large quantities of water. When the outside lock gets dirty, you can even spray it down with your hose’s jet setting.


Yamiry backs this lock with a 1-year warranty. That’s not incredibly long, but you’ll know by then whether or not there are any defects. Electronics tend to fail within the first year or last for decades. And if you decide you don’t like it, you can simply send it back. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.