Nothing beats the thrill of visiting the less-taken routes and offbeat destinations in a place that keeps attracting crowds around the year-Delhi. While the most popular locations around Delhi are thronged with visitors all the time, some distinguished yet not-so-famous destinations in the city are a must-visit, owing to how they stand testament to India’s rich culture and heritage.

Before you catch the Delhi to Ranchi flight, you must pay a visit to these hidden gems to well understand the city’s rich history.

Top Best Hidden Gems to Visit During your Delhi Trip

Of all the best historical monuments and the timeless ruins of the past, here is a compilation of Delhi’s hidden gems that deserve to be explored.

1)     Hauz Khas Village; Get a Taste of Both Worlds

The Hauz Khas Village is an ideal kaleidoscope of the city’s medieval remnants. The place also combines the essence of the present millennial party culture and should be visited by every offbeat destination lover. Nestled on the Siri, the medieval city’s ruin, Hauz Khas Village houses some of the most aesthetically-appealing cafes and bars.

Located in South Delhi, Hauz Khas Village attracts a decent crowd as well. Whether you need to soak in the old-world vibes or wish to explore the place as a weekend getaway; the place offers everything. Exploring this place is a must before you book your flight tickets from Delhi to Ranchi.

2)     Mirza Ghalib ki Haveli; Marvel at the Stupendous Works of Mirza Ghalib

Built-in world-popular Urdu poet Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan’s loving memory, Mirza Ghalib ki Haveli is known to be the poet’s home. This is the place where Ghalib is said to have spent his life’s challenging years and which still holds some of his exemplary works. The Haveli is located in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk and is home to an Indian government-maintained museum.

3)     Hijron Ka Khaqua: Delve in the Medieval History

The Hijron Ka Khaqua dates back to the ancient Lodi dynasty and is an iconic and pious group that was once the burial ground for eunuchs. The Hijron Ka Khaqua was incepted before the Mughals rose to power and is as historically rich as you can imagine it to be. The well-maintained place is a must-visit before you book flight tickets from Delhi to Ranchi.

4)     Asola Wildlife Sanctuary: Enjoy the Day Photographing the Wildlife

For those who love to experience adventure and thrill wherever they go, Asola Wildlife Sanctuary is the place to go. One of South Delhi’s underrated places, this sanctuary sprawls over thousands of hectares of land on the Delhi border and is lined by kikar trees. At the end of the sanctuary, there exists a pretty man-made lake. The place is frequented by trekkers, wildlife enthusiasts, and hikers.

5)     Tughlaqabad Fort: Feel the Rich Historical Past of the City

This fort’s remnants aren’t well-maintained but still deserve to be explored by tourists who wish to go beyond Delhi’s popular destinations. The unpopular place earns its fame because of the serene ambience which keeps you calm away from the city’s hectic life. Founded by the Tughlaq Dynasty’s first ruler, the fort is frequented because of its striking 30 metre height bastions.

Delhi is blessed with some of the best human-made as well as natural destinations. Enjoy a trip to any of these places before you plan to take your next Delhi to Ranchi flight, to best gain understanding about the city’s greatness and depth.