If you’re interested in smart home application, there’s good news for you! Taiwan Fu Hsing proudly presents the Z-Wave KPD & Z-Wave TPL adding to the Z-Wave smart lock family.To get more news about best commercial security company, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

The best-selling electronic lock just got smarter! The KPD has always been known for its great value and variant styles. Now, TFH has inte-grated Z-Wave technology with this well-known product, and will de?nitely spike your sales.
Instead of using the keypad, access your front door using your smart home system provider APP. Share access with your friends and always brings the peace of mind to check the locking status of your Z-Wave lock. There’s no compromising when it comes to security, the Z-Wave KPD remains meeting ANSI/BHMA Grade 3 standards. The Z-Wave KPD comes in 3 styles, square, castle and hour glass and all are capable with various ?nishes to meet anyone’s taste.
The Z-Wave TPL is TFH’s ?rst connected smart leverset, aimed for a di?erent market comparing with the electron-ic deadbolts. The Z-Wave TPL is a great choice if your door only has one bore hole, and is a great solution for manag-ing your remote property, such as o?ces, Airbnb proper-ties or storage rooms.

Simply manage your lock with your APP, give tenants access rights and see the access history. The lock is made to meet ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 with superior battery life.

All TFH’s Z-Wave integrated products comply with the latest Z-Wave S2 (Security2) version. The S2 upgrade improves security with an additional layer of AES 128-bit encryption of wireless signals cou-pled with pro-security grade UL 1023 compliance.


Despite the fact that security is more secured, the Z-Wave S2 is even more energy e?cient than S0 version for wireless data transfer.