New Line of Stylish Affordable Smart Locks

TURBOLOCK is announcing the sale of two advanced Smart Locks, featuring DUAL Wireless, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, along with the unique choice of either traditional Dead Bolt style, or industry-leading Smart Knob technology. These options, paired with your choice of Apple or Android app control, all delivered for under $90.To get more news about wifi Fingerprint Smart Door lock, you can visit official website.

TurboLock's new smart lock line is designed to be more affordable than competitors and offers both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity whereas competitors offer only one or the other but not both. TurboLock also eases the pain and frustration of setting up a new security device for your home by making installation hassle-free using simple tools you may already have. The smart locks can be installed quickly without a need for professional installation or additional tools and wiring.
The national average cost is between $250 and $400 for an installed smart lock and related accessories, with most homeowners paying $300 for a WiFi-enabled smart lock with one accessory. Some simple models that fit over an existing lock can be installed for as little as $150. High-end locks that tie into a sophisticated security system with biometric features cost around $1,200.
"We're excited to be offering innovative and budget-friendly smart lock solutions that cost less than the market average," said Cody Walker, CMO of TurboLock. "By creating more affordable offerings, we reduce the cost of entry for industry-leading smart home technology."


TurboLock TL-117WM Smart Deadbolt and TL-111WM Smart Door Knob start at $88 for an all-in-one Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart home security solution. The company is offering this deal via an exclusive retailer and the retailer's website – shop the TL-117WM Smart Deadbolt and TL-111WM Smart Door Knob today.The TurboLock Plus app can be downloaded directly onto your smartphone from the Apple App Store and Android Google Play store.