Slewing bearings

Slewing bearings comprise an inner ring and an outer ring, one of which usually incorporates a gear. Together with attachment holes in both rings, they enable an optimized power transmission with a simple and quick connection between adjacent machine components. The bearing raceways, in conjunction with the rolling elements and cages or spacers, are designed to accommodate loads acting singly or in combination, and in any direction.Get more news about Swing Bearing,you can vist our website!

SKF manufactures standard and customized slewing bearings in various designs, with outside diameters from 0,1 to 18 m to meet the demands of particular applications.

Selecting the appropriate slewing bearing can be a challenge, particularly if there are stringent technical, reliability or economic demands. In these cases, for example, SKF application engineering service can provide advanced calculations and simulations utilizing state-of-the-art analyse methods to optimize and validate the best design to meet the customer requirements.

SKF also offers worldwide a wide range of added value services for slewing bearings, including remanufacturing. A slewing bearing with only 30% left of its calculated service life can be well worth remanufacturing. SKF's standardized remanufacturing processes can extend significantly the service life of critical equipment.
Shopping for Swing Bearing for Excavator? Slew Bearing is used to enable the rotation of the excavator.

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Swing gears handle a lot of stress throughout their life and improper care can lead to replacement needs earlier than usual. Some of the most common reasons for swing gear failures include lack of lubrication, overloading or overworking the machine and outside contamination.


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