There are different reasons to study mbbs in Russia but before that you should understand the important facts about Russia. Russia is a famous country for its powerful and progressive edge. It flaunt around 99.6% literacy rate which is the highest literacy rates across the globe.

Reasons you should choose to study mbbs

Studying mbbs in Russia is a dream of different medical students because Russia has top grade medical universities and medical graduates from all over the world including India who wish to study mbbs.

Low tuition fee

The fee structure of the Russian universities to study mbbs is quite low and more affordable. It ranges between 4,00,000 to 8,00,000 INR per annum and the cost of living is also economical.

No entrance test

Students do not have to give any entrance tests to study mbbs in Russia. Students can get admission based on their higher education marks.

Scholarship opportunities

Russia provides a number of 3 tuition opportunities to foreign students who wish to study mbbs scholarships every year.

Opportunities to get dual diploma

Students who wish to study mbbs in Russia get the opportunity to avail dual diploma through their joint programs with other foreign universities with signed Bologna declaration.

Easy for international students to adapt

Russia is a home to number of ethnicities to speak more than 100 different languages. It attracts different students from different parts of the world. Helps students choose to study mbbs in Russia can get a taste of multicultural environment.

Better and comfortable study environment

Russia is at par with top western universities when it comes to advanced equipment scientific centers and best quality study facilities. Additionally Russian universities offer low cost accommodation in their dormitories.

Study in English

Studying mbbs in Russia is a great option especially for Indian students as universities here teach in English. 

Besides, Russia mbbs in ukraine for indian students is also a great option.