2021 was all about staying fresh and transferring summer pastels and colourful patterns into the cooler season when it came to bridesmaid gowns. However, 2022 features a more conventional assortment.

Eveningwear. There will be an abundance of mustard and orange hues, as well as rich reds and gorgeous sapphires. This season, bridesmaids are eschewing the puffy flared skirts and ornate lace tops in favour of a simple sheath dress created from a beautiful plain fabric. We've compiled the best.

Inspiring fall/winter bridesmaid dress trends.


As the weather cools, it is essential to choose the most appropriate cloth to resist the cold. Dresses are still a stunning alternative, especially when made from the ideal material. Pure silk velvet may be used to create a lovely garment for a variety of reasons, and we are thrilled that this timeless Winter fashion will continue for yet another year. The velvet texture not only gives a unique aspect to a simple, plain-styled dress, but also provides the user with additional warmth. Velvets are typically only available in deeper and darker hues, so the bride desiring a rich jewel tone motif is in luck. When selecting a velvet dress, it is crucial to use minimum accessories and to avoid glittery and shiny embellishments, as these can frequently clash. A velvet gown does not require a complicated design because the fabric alone makes a statement.

Sapphire Blue

Typically, bridesmaid dresses feature a basic sweetheart neckline and an artfully gathered chiffon skirt. While this is a wonderful option, this season we can anticipate to see something different and distinctive. The V-neckline is an all-time favourite, and we can certainly see why. The simple plunge cut is incredibly flattering for a wide range of body shapes and sizes, and is especially suited for women with a larger bust. Along with a simple draped skirt silhouette and V-neck, a gorgeous shade of blue is expected to hit the market. This season, the dark French navy blue is being replaced by a slightly brighter sapphire hue. The sapphire hue lends a dash of vitality that is a lovely contrast to the gloomy weather. Whether you choose a sapphire or a classic navy, the majority of blue hues seem to complement a variety of complexion tones.

Midi Hemlines

Finding the ideal dress for your entire bridal party can be challenging, especially if they are all of different heights. Consider selecting a gown with a midi-length silhouette to provide the illusion of length. When a dress reveals a portion of the leg, the wearer seems instantly taller and slimmer. If the sizes of the members of your bridal party vary, you might consider modifying the neckline and bodice style to accommodate the wearer. To maintain a uniform and coherent appearance, ensure that the skirts are almost identical if not identical. If all the skirts are uniform, you can enjoy mixing and matching various necklines. As winter months are typically rather frigid, it may be prudent to consider a high-low cut. This enables you to still get an elongated appearance, but with additional coverage, as the rear of the skirt falls to the floor. It is essential, while custom-making a high-low skirt, that the front of the skirt sits in proportion to the wearer's height. Generally, an appropriate length falls at or slightly below the knee.

Halter Necklines

Even after two years, this basic bridal outfit remains as popular as ever. The halter-neck style, however, is not only stunning for brides and everyday use, but also for formal occasions. As it displays the décolletage and shoulders, the high-neck style is incredibly flattering. In addition, it permits your bride tribe to display their backs with a wonderful open appearance. When selecting a simple sheath-style gown, an open back can be a great way to add flair to the design. Consider creating an illusion neckline with an invisible tulle for a more romantic and formal effect. As the weather is becoming cooler, it may be advisable to choose a more opaque fabric or lace to accomplish this.

Yellow Tones

Winter seems to draw the same lovely hues year after year, including rustic reds, subdued oranges, and rich, vibrant jewel tones. This season, though, mustard has entered the market, and we cannot get enough of it. The mustard hue is a dull/dark yellow that is perfect for a wedding with a rustic atmosphere. The colour is an ideal way to give a touch of vibrancy to your wedding party without making it appear overly summery. The mustard hue looks stunning on a range of skin tones, from a magnificent dark complexion to a very pale complexion. The colour simply makes a statement, so elaborate beading or lace accents are unnecessary. A fantastic approach to spruce up a mustard-colored dress is by using a simple, figure-flattering draped design or a beautiful textured fabric like jacquard, brocade, or velvet.

Sparkling Sequins

We have the best bridesmaid dresses for all the stunning brides out there who are planning an expensive wedding. This fall/winter, sequin fabrics are really popular, and we're thrilled to see formal, black-tie-style gowns dominate the market. Sequin gowns are an excellent way to bring a touch of Hollywood glamour to your bridal party without competing with the bride's gown. When searching for bridesmaid gowns, you must ensure that they complement the bride and are not overly ornate or adorned. Avoid full-length lace and excessive beading. Consider a simple, plain silhouette, such as a slight fit-and-flare or sheath, when selecting a sequin gown. The sequin fabric is a statement unto itself and is best displayed in an elegant, basic way. Consider incorporating a modest pattern to make this outfit more distinctive. When choosing a pattern, it is advisable to select a restricted number of colours to prevent it from appearing excessively busy and garish. A pattern might be a terrific approach to coordinate the dress with your wedding theme.

Glamorous In Red

As the cold weather sets in, we can typically anticipate an influx of dark colours such as port wine and deep reds. This season, it's all about modernising the traditional winter colours by choosing a somewhat brighter variety. We can anticipate a more vibrant spectrum of colours, including this gorgeous glitter red. Red seems to complement nearly all skin tones, from fair to dark. And the colour itself can create a really opulent and royal appearance. For a beautiful look, ladies planning a formal wedding might try utilising a red sequin fabric. If you still desire a formal appearance without shine, use a lovely silk satin. The satin is a simple fabric with a lovely gloss and lustre. It can be worn without any further embellishments and still appear quite elegant. Brides who adore the colour red but desire a more casual or semi-formal style might try utilising a silk satin with a matte finish or a lovely crepe with a textured pattern.

Satin And Silk

Silk is typically a lightweight, airy fabric that pairs wonderfully with warm weather. Nonetheless, this Fall/Winter season features a wonderful selection of coloured silk satin dresses, ranging from casual slip designs to elegant fit-and-flare silhouettes. Many people are unaware that silk comes in several thicknesses. Silk Satin Back Crepe is recommended for added warmth and coverage. This material has a gorgeous, sumptuous sheen without being fragile or weak. When selecting a silk satin, it is essential to keep in mind that it may not flatter all body types. Despite the fact that we adore the sateen's lustrous sheen, it can often draw attention to undesirable regions if not utilised properly. In this situation, matte crepe could be the ideal compromise for a silk that flatters all body types.


If you're curious about how to choose the ideal bridesmaid dress, you're in the correct place. In addition to complementing the bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses should add a splash of colour to your big occasion. The majority of brides choose a colour scheme based on their favourite flowers, so the hues in your bouquet are an excellent starting point. For a lyrical touch for spring and summer weddings, consider using cornflower blue or lilac. Or opt for pinks, blush, and rose to commemorate your budding relationship! Consider deep burgundy reds to complement your red rose bouquet during the autumn and winter months. Or use emerald colours to evoke the evergreen vegetation during the depths of winter.