Family movie night can be a blessing or a curse. If you like many families now, you have watched Encanto for the 74th time - no one should talk about Bruno, which is good for you, because you are in a situation where you would rather not hear the name again in the rest of your life.

The best theme song? yes. The greatest ensemble player? yes. The greatest family movie in New York City's history? stand a good chance.

The Rocketeer
What other family movie features mob guys and a bearded Nazi agent? Before many people knew her name, let alone the beautiful Jennifer Connery.

The Sandlot
Be prepared for some serious nostalgia. This family movie will make you feel painful for those carefree summer days when you were young.

How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy
"Master of Dragon Training" and its two sequels are seriously underestimated. This family movie series is a perfect growth story. Following the terrible haddock III of Little Hiccup, he changed from a misfit to the ultimate Burke Viking Chief. Of course, without the help of his best friend and Giant Dragon Yenu's toothless, his journey would be impossible.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Are you ready to call home while eating Reese's Pieces? This is what this forever loving alien did in Steven Spielberg's 1982 classical family movie. This family movie about the friendship between humans and stranded aliens not only touched the hearts of several generations of fans, but also won four Oscar awards. Oh, it also introduced a special little actress to the world. You may have heard of her: Drew Barrymore.

Spirited Away
Experience the masterpieces of Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli movies without age limit. "Spirited Away" is a gorgeous animated story about a young girl who found herself in the spiritual world of Japanese folklore and began to seek to return to the world. (We suggest that children over 10 years old use this, or when children can deal with the parents of the protagonist becoming pigs. Your phone number.)A great family movie suit for every child.

Those roaring drums? After reading this sentence, the game becomes lifelike. This classic hit song about a group of children finding themselves in the all embracing board game Jumanji has become a classic in the 1990s. To say the least, this is a bright spot. Their new mentor in this story world is the great cross generational communicator: Robin Williams.