Nightstands are divided into side nightstands and main nightstands. Side nightstands are small side cabinets set on the left and right sides of the bedside. The main nightstand is generally much higher than the bedside cabinet, and it is generally a four to six-door iron cabinet or wooden cabinet. The nightstands are mainly used in bedrooms, dormitories, wards, hotels, and other rooms with beds for living, learning, storage, and retrieval.

The standard nightstands include side guards, rails, invisible dining trays, drawers on the upper part, cabinets, storage doors, towel racks, sundries hooks, wheels, and other components on the lower leg. They are small semi-closed single-drawing movable types of storage nightstands for living and storing daily items.

The nightstand is made of plastic steel, stainless steel, metal spray, and other materials. The side cabinets are designed to resemble modern bedside cabinets. It has the characteristics of moisture-proof, moisture-proof and waterproof, impact resistance, non-fading and anti-aging, seamless anti-cockroach, airtight and anti-rat, easy to clean and exquisite, and easy to move. Helps in the storage and placement of items.

The nightstand plays a small role in the bedroom furniture, willing to set off the bed, and even its name is derived from the function of supplementing the bed. The nightstand has always existed because of its function, storing some daily necessities and placing bedside lamps. Most of the items stored on the nightstands are in order to meet the needs and access of items such as medicines, etc. Most of the items placed on the nightstands are photos, small paintings, flower arrangements, etc. that add a warm atmosphere to the bedroom. However, with the change of the bed and the design of the personalized wall lamp, the styles of the nightstands are also enriched, and the decorative effect is more important than the practicality. The nightstands have bid farewell to the previous era of not paying attention to design, and the nightstands with a more robust and stronger sense of design are gradually emerging.