As furniture itself, the narrow definition of "FURNITURE" refers to the appliances used in indoor life, which are necessary facilities to make the building space produce specific practical value; It is an indispensable tool for social activities and a common product that aims to meet the needs of life and pursue visual performance and ideals. Outdoor furniture is the material basis for determining the space function of the building outdoors (including the half-air space, also known as "gray space") and an important element for expressing the form of outdoor space.

  If it is placed outdoors for a long time, it is inevitable to be exposed to the wind and the sun, so you should be prepared for the furniture to have certain deformation and fading. If the price factor is considered in the choice of wood, there are generally two choices of low- and medium-grade wood and high-grade wood. If the price is lower, domestic Metasequoia or pine are generally used. If you want good crack resistance and durability, imported camphor is generally selected. Wood, pineapple lattice, African teak, or Burmese teak, for the protection of forests and environmental protection, there are also many synthetic kinds of wood, such as some plastic wood, environmentally friendly wood, etc. The solid wood furniture made of the latter material is not only beautiful in appearance, but The color is also good-looking, and the tenon is not easy to crack and deform. In the choice of connectors, you have to be more careful, because it is related to the sturdiness and safety of outdoor furniture.

  Outdoor furniture can be divided into three categories:

  Permanently fixed:

  Such as wooden pavilions, tents, solid wood tables and chairs, ironwood tables and chairs, etc. Generally, this type of furniture should be made of high-quality wood, which has good anti-corrosion properties and is also heavy in weight, so it can be placed outdoors for a long time.


  Such as West rattan chairs, Teslin chairs, foldable wooden chairs, sun umbrellas, etc. When you use it, you can put it outdoors, and when you don't use it, you can store it in the room, so this type of furniture is more comfortable and practical, without considering so many sturdiness and anti-corrosion properties, you can also add some fabrics and other embellishments according to personal preferences.


  Such as small dining tables, dining chairs, and parasols. These types of furniture are generally made of aluminum alloy or canvas. They are light in weight and easy to carry. They are very suitable for outdoor travel and fishing. It is best to bring some outdoor equipment and barbecue grills. Racks, tents, and the like add a lot of fun to outdoor travel.

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