Building your home from scratch will give you the upper hand in tailoring your home to suit your needs and tastes. But this journey can be time-consuming, stressful and tricky. In this segment, we will help you with our top tips extracted from experts that will help you to make your construction process more accessible.

This segment will help you find the answers to your doubts in detail. You can go through the whole part and learn about each section. We recommend you read the entire piece and get an idea about the best residential building construction in Meghalaya and how to avoid any loss of money and time.

1.      Choosing The Right Construction Plot

When choosing the plot, keep in mind that the property should be located in a location with the potential for future development so that you can save some money. Check the road width of the plot before finalising,and ensure that it shouldn’t be lower than the road level since this will raise the construction cost later.


2.      House Designing

After knowing all the requirements and the plan ideas, you can ask the architect or the builder to design your house. Have clear communication regarding your needs, and go through the design process before proceeding with the construction. This will avoid any costly mistakes further.


3.      Budgeting The House Construction

Get in touch with the building contractors and get an idea of its cost per sq.ft and also ask them about what is included in the cost per sq.ft. This way, you will come up with an estimated budget for your house construction. Calculate the overall cost of the items excluded from this cost and add all the small expenditures to your final budget.


4.      Have some flexibility for any additional cost in the budget

When you are done preparing your budget, keep some room to add 10-15% of funding to handle the cost of any unforeseen circumstances.


Let’s take a look at some of the instances which will add up the cost in your budget:

-          Your spontaneous plan to upgrade the electrical layout or bathroom fittings, or plumbing material to meet the expectations as per your theme.

-          Frequent power cuts might force you to opt for solar panels, which are costly for your home.

-          Building plan approval cost: if your land is unapproved, you must get approval from the official agency or government. Do your research to know more about building support.

-          Making changes in the land before the commencement of the construction: if your purchased land is below the road level, you would need to spend money for correct levelling before the building. It will be levelled by putting soil before starting the construction process, or if the land has many trees and large rocks that must be cleaned, expenses will increase.


5.      Be Ready For The Delays

-          Get in touch with the building contractor of the best residential construction in Meghalaya and discuss the potential project delays before signing the agreement.

Delays may occur because of various things like labour or material unavailability, natural calamities, etc.