When creating a custom material handling basket, one of the first factors to consider is whether it will be a sheet metal material basket or a wire basket. Both types of material baskets have their own advantages and disadvantages and may be better than the others for a specific task.

Sheet metal basket features

The biggest advantage of using sheet metal baskets is sturdiness. Large metal sheets are stronger than thin wire, allowing sheet metal baskets to carry heavier loads than wire baskets.

Additionally, the sheet metal provides a more complete enclosure and greater surface area, so these baskets heat and cool more slowly than wire baskets. The lack of open space also restricts air flow and drainage, so these baskets are generally not suitable for wet cleaning applications.

Even if the sheet metal has been punched or cut with a laser, it will generally be stronger and have less open space than an equivalent wire basket. Because these baskets use more metal, they do tend to have higher raw material costs.

These baskets are generally considered ideal for handling basic materials, especially for very heavy loads.

Wire Basket Features

As the name suggests, wire baskets are made from a series of wires that are either welded or woven together to create a basket shape. Compared to sheet metal baskets, these baskets have a much lower tensile strength, reducing their load-bearing capacity.

However, with a metal mesh basket, it is easier to control the amount of open space in the basket to improve airflow and drainage. This allows for faster draining and drying of parts, which helps minimize the time between parts cleaning operations. Since most part loads go through 8 to 10 different operations, saving just 6 to 8 minutes of drying time can reduce the production process by an hour or more.

Additionally, the larger open space allows runoff from certain washing processes to drain faster and more thoroughly. This minimizes the chance of sludge or debris redepositing on the part during cleaning, reducing the need for an additional cleaning process to clean the part.

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