What Filtration Processes are Used in Bottled Water Industry?

The type of bottled water generally include natural mineral water, artificial mineral water, mixed mineral water, purified water, mineral beverages, soda water, sparkling water, etc. The filtration process of different types of bottled water is also different. The main filtration systems of bottled water are activated carbon filtration system, particulate control filtration system, carbon dioxide/vent filtration system, sterilization filtration system, mineral filtration system and guard filtration system. Let's take a look at how these filtration systems purify bottled water.Get more news about Smmss Non-woven Non-woven Fabric Production Equipment,you can vist our website!

1. Activated Carbon Filtration Process

The activated carbon filtration process is mainly to absorb suspended substances and peculiar smells in the water, and to improve the sensory indicators of bottled water (taste, clarity, etc). Since the carbon particles in the activated carbon filter housing will leak with the filtration, a security filter system is generally installed behind it to intercept the carbon particles. In order to save the cost of the carbon particle retention step, you can also choose a Carbon Impregnated Cellulose Cartridges instead. It can not only adsorb suspended substances and peculiar smells, and retain some larger impurities, but also will not cause pollution due to media shedding.
2. Particulate Control Filtration Process

The particle control filtration process is mainly to intercept the high pollution process in the production of bottled water, remove some larger impurities, and protect the filtration system with higher filtration accuracy. It is generally used in pre-filtration of carbon dioxide/vent filtration systems, sterilization filtration systems, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems, retention of activated carbon particles and flavor filtration. The equipment of the particulate control filtration system usually chooses Stainless Steel Filter Housings, and the filtering consumables usually choose High Flow Cartridges, PP Pleated Filter and Liquid Filter Bags.
3. Carbon Dioxide/Vent Filtration Process

The carbon dioxide filtration process is generally used in the production of bottled sparkling water, mainly to filter the bacteria, microorganisms and other pollutants in the carbon dioxide. The vent filtration process is generally used in the exhaust system of the water storage tank, mainly to remove pollutants in the air and prevent the water in the water storage tank from causing pollution. The equipment of the filtration system generally choose SUS316 Cartridge Filter Housings, and the filtration consumables usually choose Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane Pleated Filters with 0.2 micron.
4. Sterilization Filtration Process

The main function of the sterilization filtration process is to remove bacteria, viruses and other small microorganisms that are harmful to the human body in the bottled water, so as to ensure that the bottled water meets drinking standards. The equipment of the sterilization filtration system generally choose SUS316 Sanitary Cartridge Filter Housings, and the filtration consumables usually choose Hydrophilic PES Pleated Filters, Hydrophilic PTFE Pleated Filters and Hydrophilic PVDF Pleated Filters with 0.2 micron.
5. Mineral Filtration Process


The mineral filtration process is generally used in the production of bottled purified water. The filtration system mainly includes microfiltration filtration system, ultrafiltration filtration system and reverse osmosis filtration system. Microfiltration and ultrafiltration systems mainly protect the reverse osmosis systems. The minerals in bottled water are mainly removed in the reverse osmosis system. The consumables of the microfiltration system generally use Melt Blown Cartridges, High Flow Filters, String Wound Cartridges. Ultrafiltration filtration system generally choose PVC UF Membrane Modules.