Of of course, all the hype led to some pretty long wait times for fans who started sharing their own spots in the waiting list on social media following the sales started earlier this week. One of these posts in particular seems to confirm Steinforth's assertion that hundreds of thousands were looking forward to the event.

"Unfortunately we weren't able make any changes to the lengthy queues. This is more an indication of the Madden 23 coins of people looking forward to the game," Steinforth said about the almost never-fulfilled requests.While a vast majority of fans won't be capable of attending the Buccaneers vs Seahawks game, they'll be given more opportunities in the upcoming years. The league will hold another normal season match in Frankfurt in 2023. The league also will plan to make international competitions in Germany every year.

If those games can be expected to generate the same excitement remains to be seen. However, for now it seems that Madden NFL 23 may be very content with the initial applause it's received- something that probably cannot be said of the 2925.000 people who could not afford to buy tickets.

The Kyler Murray 'study clause' is a distraction of the Cardinals that are

In the last week, Kyler Murray became one of the Madden NFL 23's highest paid quarterbacks when he signed a 5 year, $230M contract worth $230 million. It was a sign of confidence, an expression of faith, a proof it was the Cardinals believed that the quarterback was bound to lead their team into their future. Now, days later it's gone- replaced in the conversation by a worrying and frankly offensive caveat to the deal.

"Independent Study Addendum." The "Independent Studies Addendum" was obtained by Ian Rapoport of the Madden NFL 23 Network, and it claims to state that the quarterback needs to perform his homework during the season, or the team has the right to make the contract default status and Murray would need to rectify or the agreement would become non-viable.

"Player must complete at a minimum the equivalent of four (4) hours of independent Education (as determined below) each week (excluding any bye week) during each Playing season (as described below) throughout the duration of the Contact."

It explains what this means, adding that Murray cannot multitask during the time he is required to study. There are no television, no video games nor web surfing for the duration of four hours. If it sounds strange, that's because it is. This type of clause for study has never existed in a Madden NFL 23 agreement before, and although on the surface it might seem like a huge deal as we're already witnessing the fallout of the decision.

The main issue with the addendum isn't that it requires independent study however, the mandate intimates. The specificity of the clause will have anyone coming to the outcome: "Kyler Murray doesn't study therefore we're forcing him to." This isn't in accordance with what the Cardinals had to do under this contract, which was create faith, show their faith in Murray and Mut 23 coins to move forward.