Travel blogger Sia Liljas was in Itaewon last night and tells the BBC News Channel she and her husband "barely managed to get out" from the crowds.

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Ms Liljas says she posted a video of the crowds on social media at 22:21, just as reports were coming in that people had fallen in the crowd.

She says they started walking on a street that "felt quite spacious" but the area got "tighter and tighter".

"We started noticing that people just wanted to move forward, so they started pushing, laughing a little bit [and] pushing for fun," she tells the BBC.

"The crowd started pushing back; the pushing intensified... I remember turning to my husband and saying 'This doesn't feel right, we need to get out of here'."

Ms Liljas says her knees and legs were shaking at the sheer effort it took for her and her husband to push their way out of the crowd.

"As we went onto another street, we just heard ambulance after ambulance after ambulance and we knew something was going on."