There are many ways to style a scarf. A scarf is a small piece of clothing worn around the neck to keep warm. Scarfs can complement an outfit or be a statement piece. Scarfs may be made of wool, cotton, silk, and cashmere, among other materials. Merino wool throw scarves for winter are made with thicker fabrics. Thinner scarves may be worn as an accessory. Scarves can be worn in any season, and the type of material often prompts when to wear them. In summer months, lighter scarves, such as a pashmina, can be worn. For colder months, heavier scarves made of wool do the job. One can consider Merino Scarf Australia, to begin their scarf journey. Merino is farmland in Adelaide Hills, Australia, focused on maintaining the natural flora and fauna. Merino started growing wool and now sells bundles, shawls, throws, and scarves.

7 Ways to Style a Scarf

Following are seven creative ways to style a scarf or especially the Merino Scarf, Australia.

  1. Tie a loose knot:

This style works best in warm, breezy weather. The scarf should be folded half lengthwise and then draped over the neck. Next, one takes the loose ends and threads them through the open loop, tugging on the loops to create a knot.

  1. Drape the scarf over the neck:

Drape the scarf over the neck from behind and let the loose ends hang over each side to frame the body. This can be easily styled over a t-shirt.

  1. A square scarf:

One should fold the square scarf half along the center and place this on the chest. Then each end should be grabbed and wrapped around the neck.

  1. Double Knot Scarf:

A double knot scarf helps to keep warm. The center of the scarf should be held to the chest. One takes the left end and places it on the neck over the right shoulder and then does the same to the other side with the right end. This makes a “U” shape on the chest. The “U” shape should be twisted to make a figure eight. Then the left end should be threaded in one hole and the right back into the other. Tighten this to the comfort level and head out.

  1. Create a low-hanging knot:

A low-hanging knot can be made with one end. A more oversized scarf and loose knot allow a lot of play on how to style a scarf.

  1. Style it like a shawl:

One can drape a long blanket scarf over the shoulders and secure it with a belt. The belt will create sleeves, and the scarf will resemble a shawl.

  1. Accessorize with a braided look:

Drape the merino wool throw scarf over the neck, keeping one side shorter. Wrap the long one around the neck to create a large loop. Rotate the circle to create a figure eight. Take one end, bring it above, and pull it through the loop. Take the second end, pass it under the circle and then thread it through. Tighten the braid and straighten the scarf.

Tying the right knot with a scarf is major in adding style to a look. Having a lot of scarves, such as the Merino Scarf, Australia, one can wear a scarf year round. From casual to professional outfits, scarves have transcended occasions and seasons to wear. As there are so many different types of scarves and ways to wear them, scarves can become one’s favorite accessories. Merino Scarf, Australia offers a variety of scarves for just that. Scarves keep one warm in winter, add pattern to spring outfits, and are a stylish addition during the fall months.