From choosing lighting to picking paint—there are many big decisions involved in making a home a home. With all these moving parts, it's hard to remember that the design is also included in the details. Hardware is a detail that can easily become an afterthought. But the right Cabinet Knobs or Cabinet Pulls Handles can make a serious visual impact, elevating a room in a light-hearted way. When you think about the countless uses of cabinet hardware in your day-to-day work, it's clear that the value and fun that a piece of well-made hardware can bring is well worth the investment.

  In short, investing in heirloom-quality hardware is an easy way to elevate your everyday life. So whether you're building a brand new kitchen, doing a bathroom remodel, or just looking to replace some existing hardware on old furniture, we've got a simple and straightforward way to help you choose the perfect cabinet hardware for your space.

  You can mix knobs and pulls in your kitchen to create visual interest. Use handles to pull knobs on drawers and doors and vice versa. Just make sure you choose one handle style and one complementary knob style and stick to the same finish throughout the kitchen. Alternatively, you can use one type of hardware throughout the kitchen for a clean look.

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