As per the current updates on the Cancellation Policy in United Airlines, we have outlined that the customer can cancel the flights before the departure while changes occur to their plans.

Besides this, they can even claim a refund amount for the cancellation simultaneously per the United Airlines Cancellation Policy. But you need to know your ticket type before claiming the refund amount for cancellation.

To collect the cancellation policy in detail, you must glance at the term "24-Hour Risk-Free Cancellation".

Knowing the risk-free term will be helpful, especially when booking flights 24 hours before departure need to cancel due to any reason. 

Main Cabin and higher tickets cancelled before departure will save the value of the ticket. Check out your Basic Economy flight to identify the eligibility for cancelling your United Airlines booking before departure and seek a United Airlines eCredit.

Steps to Cancel the Different Tickets

Follow the steps given below as per the airfares.

Non-Refundable United Airlines Cancellation

  1. Assure you are revoking your booking before the departure (Tickets are not liable to retain the value; if it's not being changed or cancelled in advance, of departure)
  2. Use your PNR Number or Reference Code. Find Your Trip under the My Trip section; once you log in to the United Airlines Account.
  3. Choose the flight you desire to cancel
  4. Click the 'Modify Flight' tab and go according to the procedure.

United Airlines Refundable Booking Cancellations

  1.  Before proceeding with the procedure to cancel the United Airlines Booking, you must configure the ticket type. And it would help if you did it before the departure.
  2.  Find the trip via the reference number under My Trip Option during login to the United Airlines profile.
  3.  Figure out the trip that you want to cancel. 
  4.  Tap the 'Modify Flight' Button.
  5.   Hit the 'Start Flight Cancellation' option.
  6.   Cancel your Booking.

Know the Term 24-Hour Risk-Free Cancellation 

According to the United Executive Promises for customers booking via or the United Airlines Application, Risk-Free Cancellation implies free cancellation for the customers within 24 hours of booking. 

Steps for 24-hours risk-free cancellation is similar to the above procedures given through this content. Or else you can contact the experts for the same.

United Airlines Refund Policy